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    Hi I’m using wp background lit, but Image doesnt appear. Is there a conflict with theme?



    You need to use the boxed layout mode and on the settings page (Settings > WP-Backgrounds Lite) set the background z-index to 3, the content area z-index to 5, the “ID or class of the content container/wrapper” option needs to be #wrap_all and the “Position of the content container/wrapper” is relative.



    Okay I see it now but image stretches oddly in portrait mode for Mobil device.

    Also, the image is only viewable in page view mode but not view site mode.


    Yes, the plugin is based on the free supersized script which is not optimized for mobile devices yet. Other scripts (which are optimized for mobile devices and responsive designs) are only included in the paid version of the plugin (WP-Backgrounds II). The free lite version can only add images to single post or page entries and it does not support other pages (eg archive pages, blog page, portfolio items, etc.). You can try to use other plugins from the plugin repository ( ) though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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