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    I just updated to WordPress 3.2 and the Homepage Slider is not showing up. Any idea what may be causing this? Do we have a solution yet?


    I’ve updated to 3.2 and my page still works and runs fine. I’ve also heavily customized the template, even the slider code, and it still works fine. I’m thinking it may be a plugin, or possible code modification you’ve made, though it’s hard to tell without a link. Dude will need to see your site in order to diagnose your issue. :)


    Sorry, I forgot to leave a link.

    Currently, I’m reverting my JS folder to the 3.1.4 version. After reading some of the posts on the Avisio support forum, I think this may resolve my issue. Any further help would be appreciated.


    That fixed it, but brings up some questions on why the 3.2 JS folder would cause the slider to break in only some installs of CleanCut. Could it be one of our plug ins?



    yes very likely it’s a plugin. Try to deactivate all and activate one by one to find the conflicting one. Probably the new jquery version causes some trouble with older plugins.


    Thanks Dude, I’ll try that and post back here if I find any conflicting plug-ins that cause problems with CleanCut.


    @fwcmedia Running into the same issues. Have reverted both the WordPress JS folder as well as the CleanCut JS folder…no luck. Tried updating files per the new version of CleanCut and still nothing. Any thoughts on what might be the issue?

    Note: Aside from the homepage slider, also missing

    • tabbed content quickcode

    • validation issues on contact form (fields that were required are no longer required)



    please update your CleanCut theme. We released an update for WP3.1 some time ago which works flawless with WP3.2 too. You can download the update at

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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