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    I updated to WordPress 3.1 this morning and now my lightboxes are not working for pictures or video. Any fix for this?


    Please update prettyphoto to version 3.0.1 – you can download the update here:

    Just replace the prettyphoto files located under js/prettyphoto with the new ones. WP 3.1 comes with a new jquery version (1.4.4) and prettyphoto 2.5 isn’t compatible with it :)


    Thanks Dude. That worked for me on another site/theme I was having this issue with, but didn’t work with Avisio. Another other thoughts?


    Please try to clear your cache or try to replace the files in js/prettyphoto one by one. Maybe one or more files weren’t replaced….


    I came back to edit but you were too quick. :)

    It was my goof. I forgot to replace one of the files. We’re good now. Thanks dude!


    Glad that you solved it :)


    [strike] Hey there. I’m having the same problem but, unfortunately, this fix isn’t working for me.

    I’ve done a full delete and re-copy of the new PrettyPhoto files but that’s not done the trick. Nor has clearing my cache.[/strike]

    A knock-on effect of updating the PrettyPhoto folder seems to be that my website background has now dropped out — even though the Custom Background section of wordpress showing it still in full effect.

    Any thoughts, help, suggestions would be much appreciated.

    EDIT — PrettyPhoto fix must have had a delay or something as it now works. Background still missing.



    I updated WP to 3.1, replaced the prettyphoto content with the content from prettyPhoto_compressed_3.0.1 fo fix the lightbox problem and now neither slider nor any jQuery works.

    See firebug error at

    The whole site is in wrecks now.

    Any fix for that?




    Thanks Dude! The “PrettyPhoto” file update totally did the trick!



    @aostheimer: I get a 404 – not found error – when I check for prettyphoto js file or css file. Please upload the files again (maybe replace them one by one and not the whole prettyphoto folder)


    How can I disable the new Prettyphoto Feature “Inline galleries” ?



    In custom.js replace:

    "theme": theme_selected /* light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square */ });


    "theme": theme_selected, /* light_rounded / dark_rounded / light_square / dark_square */
    overlay_gallery: false /* If set to true, a gallery will overlay the fullscreen image on mouse over */


    @dude: thanks. The solution was: your directory was named “prettyPhoto” but prettyPhoto 3.0.1 names the folder “prettyphoto”.

    This is upper-lower-case terror…


    Glad that you found the cause :)


    Great! Thank You very much :o)


    Glad that I could help you :)


    I updated wordpress to 3.1 and I’m having a problem with showing a youtube video in lightbox. All images are opening fine in lightbox but youtube for some reason keeps automatically redirecting to the youtube site for view the video. I want the video to show in lightbox only. I did the prettyphoto update but didn’t help my issue. Any thoughts on this?


    I Installed the plugin Prettyphoto but get the following error “The plugin has no valid header”.

    anyone familiar with this problem



    Guy’s I solved the problem…..

    First installed the old version of prettyphoto (1.6).

    Second replace the files with the new ones (3.1).



    Thanks to you all, that advice fixed my Light-Box as well, now if only we could fix the bad links and we would be Golden


    I have installed the pretty photo plug in but i have the same problem.

    Any help



    as far as I can see you use a third party premium theme at the moment….(which we can’t support here).


    I made the necessary updates to PrettyPhotos but the page still would not load the full size pix. Any luck Dude?

    Here is one of the pages I am working on. The site is till under construction. so shhhhh



    as far as I can see you’re using the old version:

    Maybe try to replace the files one by one….


    thanks for looking into it. i removed all the js files and re-uploaded it one at a time, but my website still doesnt work


    Hi Dude,

    1. I too wanted to remove the gallery that shows up in the pop-up lightbox (why does it hover on the photo itself?) and I tried what you said a few questions up of adding the “overlay_gallery: false…” to the custom.js but this did not work. Any suggestions?

    2. How do I choose between the various lightbox skins?

    Thanks in advance.



    @webbietl – the js file didn’t change (still old version). Maybe you’re using any caching plugins? Maybe it’s a file permission problem?


    1) Can you post a link to your website please – I hope I can find the problem

    2) Open up custom.js and search for: “light_square” – you can replace the skin by changing it to “light_rounded” or “dark_rounded” or “light_square” or “dark_square”


    I’m having the same problem…tried to replace everything as you advised…but still broken. Any help soon would be greatly appreciated.





    as far as I can see you’re using the old version:

    Maybe try to replace the files one by one….


    That did it…I was looking in the separate ‘plugins’ folder, not the plugin folder under the theme. That did it….thanks.!!!

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