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    Hi Kriesi, is the Twicet theme WP 3.0 compatible? I’d really like to upgrade my blog that is using that theme, but am worried it will break something if the theme is not compatible.


    The theme is compatible, allthough it doesnt use any of the new wordpress 3 features (yet ;) )


    When you update or upgrade it, how do we know?

    Any way to subscribe or can WP inform admin?


    At the moment we don’t provide such a service. Maybe we will create sticky threads or something like that which contain changelogs, newest versions, etc.

    The Dude


    Future updates to themes may also provide a notice when newer versions are available. I have already started to put this function together however there are many changes to be made in the next update so there’s no timescale on this.

    For more information, please follow Kriesi on Twitter (http://twitter.com/kriesi), I’m sure important announcements will be made here.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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