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    Hello, Everyone,

    Well, we love the “Display” theme and are rocking along.

    But there is something I cannot seem to figure out.

    How do I get a headline to show up on the portfolio page? I mean do this. —

    Doing this does not work. –

    I am sure that I am missing something obvious and would appreciate any assistance you can give me.





    By default the Display themes’ Portfolio template doesn’t include the page title however it is easy to add. Open up template_portfolio.php and just before this code:

    if ($boxnumber == 1) echo '<div class="entry portfolio_entry">'; ?>

    add this code:

    ?><h2><a href="<?php echo get_permalink() ?>" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link: <?php the_title(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2><?php

    Hope this helps!



    Thank you, James.

    Are you sure that this is correct?

    It messed up the formatting of the page.

    Possibly I did something wrong…




    You know I think I see the problem.

    What I want if for the headline “Featured News” at the top of the page. (This page – )

    Just that one line. Not the title of each post.

    I probably did not make that clear. Sorry.

    But when I enter it into the portfolio page ( like this ) it does not show up.




    Yes, I am interested in doing this as well. I just want a main title for the portfolio page not the title of every post.



    Sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought you wanted the headline for each post. The way that the Portfolio template is constructed includes the WP query for the Portfolio entries at the very top of the page. This causes a problem adding a headline as it will refer to the content for the portfolio entries not the page content.

    It might be easiest to hardcode the page title onto this page, obviously this could only work if you only had one portfolio to display or didn’t mind the same header appearing on all your portfolio pages.

    I’ll look into a better solution, no promises it’s possible or easy though.



    If I want just one portfolio, could you explain how to hardcode a title and short description. Thanks.

    I see someone doing it here:



    in template_portfolio.php replace:

    <div id="main" >
    <div id="content" >


    <div id="main" >
    <div id="content" >
    <h2>My headline</h2>

    Replace “My headline” with any text you like :)




    Yeah… We are kind of in love with Display’s portfolio page and have several of them.

    No big deal, though, I am sure I can take another approach. Just have to be a little creative.

    Thank you for thinking about it for me. If you come up with something, great. If not, well, I guess every piece of software (no matter how good) has limitations, right?

    – Art


    We’ll look into a solution. I’ve already a dirty hack idea but I need to test it to make sure that it doesn’t break something.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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