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    I’m thinking about using Coherence for a musician’s website (OK, my kid, but she is seriously getting into the field). I’ve seen other theme authors’ designs that are more music-centric, but they’re not as elegant and I fear that the coding and support won’t be up to Kriesi’s standards.

    I was thinking about using the multi-image portfolio for albums / songs. For example, putting the lyrics in the text on the right and then images and/or videos in the multi-images on the left side. Would there be a way to embed an AUDIO file in the image spot instead of video?

    Also, would it be possible to create some sort of portfolio hierarcahy so that you could have an album main page with individual songs as portfolio entries.

    Thinking about using qTranslate as it has worked VERY well with other Kriesi themes I’ve used. Any problems? Needs to do at least English and Latvian, plus possibly German and/or Lithuanian.

    Lastly, does any one know or predict any problems with typical band content, such as music, videos, event calendar

    OK… one more question… Has anyone had any problems integrating Topspin with Kriesi’s designs?


    1) Unfortunately Coherence does not support audio files out of the box. You can use third party plugins like: though.

    2) Yes – you can create a portfolio overview page (eg see here: and then you add as many single entries as you like to the portfolio.

    3) I haven’t tested Coherence with qtranslate but probably it won’t work correct because there’re some known bugs which prevent qtranslate to work with complex queries (meta queries, taxonomy queries,etc.). Kriesi optimized Coherence for WPML – it’s not free but the developers put more effort into the product (support, fixing bugs, etc.).

    4) I haven’t tested this plugin/integration. I’ll leave this question to the community.


    1. Sorry for my lack of clarity. What I mean about the audio was, “if it use a plugin like WPAudio, can that audio player be one of the rotated ‘images’ or entries in the portfolio rotation for a given item?” In other words, you show samples with still photos and video for a given portfolio item. Can the video be replaced with an audio plugin like WPAudio?

    2. That sort-of makes sense to me, but, using the two-column page link you provide, can each of those be an “Album” and when you click on the image, there would be individual entries for songs — each with lyrics in the type area and one or more images/videos in the image rotator?

    3. OK. I’ll look into WPML. Other than the “free” aspect, one thing I like about qTranslate is that it not only allows for multilingual posts, but it automatically changes things like widge titles, site infrastructure links (e.g. “Log-in” or “Comments”). I had to upload .mo files, but that was no big deal. The WPML site isn’t clear on this issue and I’ve posted a forum question there, but if you know, that’d be helpful.

    New question… Other than visually, is there a huge difference between Coherence and the brand new Choices? They’re all on the same framework, right?

    Suggestion: It’d be nice to see a functionality / feature comparison table for at least the latest half-dozen themes.


    1) No, it’s not possible out of the box. Coherence is the first theme which supports iframes in the slider (eg: ) but probably this won’t help you in this case.

    2) No, portfolios offer two levels only (overview and single entries). It’s not possible to eg create a Portfolio Overview (all albums) > Portfolio Overview (all songs of an album) > Single Entry (song).

    3) Actually there’re some nice new features. Among them bbpress support (Coherence doesn’t support it), Sidebar Tab Shortcode, Post Timeline ( ), Team Template ( – can be used to introduce the band members) and some other improvements.



    I am using the angular theme and also want to ad tracks to my portfolio. Usually I embed soundcloud players. In this theme I did not find a way yet. Any idea how to manage that?


    If you’re using the non-ajax portfolio it should be no problem to embed a player by using shortcodes, etc. – popular plugins are: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -shortcodes/ , (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -audio-player/ and (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -wordpress/

    However the ajax portfolio propably won’t support these players because of technical limitations/reasons.


    Hey Dude,

    I am so sorry, but I am totally a wordpress beginner. Creating a portfolio Item, where do I put the shortcode? I tried the headline, the Textbox, the little knob that says “ad data!” and the “ad external video by url” function. I have already installed the media-element plugin and the soundcloud-shortcode plugin. Nothing works.

    Ajax portfolio? I did not install any portfolio plugin. Should I?

    Please help


    Hi sebastianDANYSZ,

    You would add the shortcode right into the visual editor for that item. As long as it works with the theme there shouldn’t be any issue.

    The ajax portfolio is the version that opens the portfolio items on the same page that the they are all shown in the grid view. So you need to select the option where the portfolio items open up on another page.



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