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    Thank you for such a wonderful theme.

    I had a question about the templates for the default blog layout. I would prefer this layout be the same as the layout for the Archives, with the smaller image above the meta. However I do not want the title to say “Archives Category …..” What is the best way to change this?


    Also, to add to this…. I see in the theme options area where I am supposed to be able to change the image placement of the blog and archive template, but it does not change.



    open up archive.php and replace:

    echo avia_display_heading(true, __('Archive','avia_framework'), avia_which_archive());


    echo avia_display_heading(true, __('','avia_framework'), avia_which_archive());


    Thank you! Thank you! Another related question :-). I have to be missing something very obvious. I don’t seem to have the option to put an excerpt in the posts, only the portfolio posts. The entire content of the post is showing in the feed. I am seeing read more in the demo. What am I missing. Looked in the theme options and the wp settings.


    On the right top of you post editor page you’ll see a tab called “Screen Options”. Click on it and check the checkbox next to “excerpt” to display the excerpt option field.


    :-) x1000 Funny. Thanks!


    However this did not make the excerpt and readmore link appear after filling out the excerpt on the post. I am still missing something. Sorry.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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