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    hi a customer just bought this theme for his website and I just realized that this is static html.

    of course I could modify it to work with wordpress but I was just wondering if there is a wordpress version of this theme that I didn’t see.

    thanks and great themes!


    ok i see there is a wordpress version at themeforest that costs more

    the customer bought the wrong theme

    do you think there is a way we can upgrade to the wordpress version and just pay the difference and not the whole price again?

    thanks, let me know!


    I believe the contract Kriesi has with Theme Forest means that you can only obtain a copy through Theme Forest.

    It may be worth contacting TF support explaining the problem, I’m aware of the same issue with a client of mine and they refunded the HTML purchase after he bought the WP version.

    I’ve marked this for Kriesi’s attention as well.



    I can remember a few situations were themeforest refunded the money or let people upgrade the file to the wordpress version instead. You might want to contact the envato/themeforest support staff and ask if this can be done in this particular case. I would recommend to use the account that purchased the item to send this questions ;)

    Best regards


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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