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    after watching the video on how to install the flashlight theme to wordpress.. i started to match up the instructions to the wordpress site .. unfortunately i am being told wordpress doesnt install themes any further… if i cant use wordpress what other options are there to upload/launch?

    i do have a domain and a host.. how can i use the files i just bought if wordpress is not an option.. try to keep in mind the reason i picked up flashlight is because it was a quick start and no code is nessary



    Hey mintblack,

    Do you mean using Flashlight on a blog/site?

    As far as I know WordPress as a stand alone app on a server shouldn’t have any issues uploading via its Themes tab. You just need to unzip the file you got from Themeforest and inside of that select the zipped file called flashlight.

    If you are unable to upload zipped theme on your host, you can connect via FTP to your server and then navigate to your wordpress installation. Inside of it is is a folder called wp-content then open the themes folder. Now you upload the un-zipped flashlight folder so that it can be chosen from the wordpress backend.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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