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    After downloading this theme my wordpress dashboard and website have been running extremely slow (i.e. taking around a minute to load pages on both the website and dashboard.) I contacted my server provider (Blue Host) and they said it was a problem with the website and gave me this link: I’m not an expert coder so I didn’t know how to go about fixing these problems presented on this site. Also, maybe there is some other way to get my site to work faster or a reason as to why it is slow?

    All help and tips are greatly appreciated.



    Hi Fire_Safety_Sales,

    You can look into plugins like:

    Although if you are getting slow speed on your wordpress admin area as well, you may just need to talk to your hosting provider about upgrading to an account with additional memory or generally better specs.




    Thanks for the response. Blue Host was telling me it was the theme’s fault, but I talked to another representative and they said it was a problem on their end.



    I think w3-total-cache is what you are looking for. It can greatly increase the performance of the admin dashboard, at least on your end.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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