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    I have a blog with 20 categories for 20 cities. Each city has its own page that will have content (photo and video galleries) and post listings for its blog category. I created the first one dynamically in template builder, but it looks like I’d have to choose which category I’d like to appear in that template.

    Does this mean I’d have to create 20 nearly identical dynamic templates? Or is there a way I can utilize WordPress code like this in the dynamic template builder?

    <?php query_posts('cat=14'); ?>

    You can see the very barebones site at The city pages are under Episode Guides.





    You could use a custom field to save the category id value:

    Best regards,



    Dude, can you explain a bit more for me, please?




    Actually some custom work on your end is required here and I can’t provide a working solution but the idea is to eg duplicate the blog element code in includes/helper-template-dynamic.php and to add a new element options field to includes/admin/register-admin-dynamic-options.php (based on the blog element) and then you need to the add the function which overwrites the default category array.


    That definitely points me in the right direction, Dude. I’ll work on a development server and see if I can get this to work (after ‘breaking’ it a few times, of course! haha).

    Again, I appreciate it!



    Good luck with it! Always interesting to see the results of modifying some of the core functions to get additional functionality with the themes :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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