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    A few times now I’ve installed this theme and worked with it but the strangest thing keeps happening. I’m creating the wordpress category drop down list for the blog sidebar and the categories are “not found”.

    I’ve tried manually creating them as well and that returned nothing as well.

    They return


    instead of say


    I tried shutting off plugins, changing the permalink structure and even did a full resinstall. Even on another server and every time this keeps coming up. Any idea what might be causing this and how to fix it?


    Hi Thomas,

    You said that this event just randomly begins, lasts for a day (?) or two , and then everything returns back to normal? Do you try resetting the permalinks? Just for a moment, click and save a different option: lets say you have category / post title. Try changing it to post – title / category and year – title. If this event is taking place now, I would be very interested in running a few experiments to see what causes it. I personally experienced similar ‘weird events’ with other themes and cms in the past that also boggled my mind.

    But I looked over your site and it looks nice, clean and professional. I didn’t see any abnormalities with the permalinks. But I would suggest one things tho,and that’s to change your category names to be more seo friendly as well as less ‘programmer like’ – ‘skill-type’ is exactly what I call it also, but expertise, (for example) makes the url more semantic (or so many people told me). But please let us know when this happens next.

    Good luck,



    Hi Nick,

    thank you for your reply. I believe I may have been a little less then clear on frequency of this problem. The issue is always in effect, its just that every time I try to set it up and fix it I’m unable to resolve it. I can provide you with some links to test the exact problem thats going on.

    I want to say resetting the permalinks won’t matter because I’ve tried reinstalls already that has done nothing. I reset them to default and it actually broke the entire blog page. So thats no good. I then tried every other radio option and they all didn’t work as well.

    the main site is of course


    but if you head to the blog…


    and then click on the sidebar categories such as parenting, this URL will be returned….


    and its a blank page.

    The permalinks are set to category/postname

    I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the blog page, but I’m unsure at the moment since I’ve been unable to fix things.

    As far as changing the category names that one is up to my client, but I’ll put forth the suggestion. I will also ask them if they are ok with you experimenting around to try to resolve things if we are unable to do it here via forum.

    Thank you for your time.


    Hey thomaswrench,

    You say using default permalinks breaks everything? That sounds like a big issue. Try just using the default wordpress theme and see if it still happens.

    I’m guessing it will as the theme really doesn’t do anything with your page names but wordpress and permalinks can and usually do cause issues with different setups. Try the troubleshooting issues here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks#Fixing_Permalink_Problems

    Also check that in your wordpress settings> Reading that it is set to Your Latest Posts and NOT to a specific page.




    I’ve confirmed that with no plugins active the problem still persists. That with a default theme the problem goes away. And that the reading settings are correct.

    I’m going to take a look at the htaccess and permalinks page now.



    Did you happen to set the permalinks before then set it back to the default settings? That could break the the links. It is always good to plan ahead and set the permalinks before doing anything on a wordpress site.




    Hi ismael, thank you for your reply.

    Yes I set it prior and the issue popped up later.

    What I did notice however, was that we don’t have the latest version of the theme. But I have made some basic code edits that I don’t want to lose by updating the theme. If I update the theme will it completely refresh the entire theme files? If so, is there a way I can kind out what files were changed during the update so I can update the theme manually?


    Hi thomaswrench,

    Yes you can, when you get the latest theme from themeforest, after unzipping the zip file, you will see a this file: version.rtf, which lists the files that have been updated during the theme update.



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