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    Dear team,

    We are going hysterical to find hundreds of records in our wp_posts column in SQL with “auto draft” pages.

    We realized we have many auto generated pages (ie. with random content (such as a product category icon, another page with one of the slides images, etc).

    Where are these coming from and how can we delete/stop this from occuring?

    All these pages show in the breadcrumb “You are in :Home»Auto Draft»PAGENAME

    Please help this is really affecting us, as this pages are being indexed and harming our SEO.


    It seems wordpress is creating “posts” even for several of the image uploaded to the db.

    Each post shows the image, date and “Leave a reply” section.

    Please help


    Hi jacobom,

    Do you mean regular attachment pages? IE, a single image has its own ‘page’ created every time you upload an image to wordpress.

    If so, this is just the default behavior of wordpress. I don’t know about the auto draft however, can you show us an example of this?




    How can we delete and have WordPress stop creating this Auto posts? They are being generated for images, category images, etc. And getting indexed on Google. we definitely do not want this to happen.

    On all of their breadcrumbs they are displayed as HOME > AUTO DRAFT > PAGE NAME


    If you can link to an example maybe we can get a better idea of what you mean.

    As for creating the attachment pages for images, you can’t stop it as far as I know as its a built in part of wordpress.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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