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    Well, just a repost here, for those who will try to find the solution for Corona theme. But this is more like a universal problem for a lot users here…..


    Google released their Google+ Autorship program and i`m sure such topics will now starts to appear ofter on that SupportBlog.

    Issue in short terms:

    We have a G+ account. And our website. To enter the “GOOGLE AUTORSHIP PROGRAMM” we must perform few simple steps: We must create a 2-way links…. everything is pretty easy here.

    Aside from the fact, that Google (how? why?) “detects” that the site is running on a WordPress engine.

    And, since the Google is an uber smart folk – the crawler tries to set a link “triangle”

    1) G+ profile

    2) our website content (postpagearticle)

    3) and the “Author page” on the wordpress.

    And here comes the problems, because half of the Kriesi theme just demolished the “author Bio Page”.


    Here you can check the real example (my website):

    1) We go onto

    Its an easy tool to “check” the way of Autorship worksdont works.

    There if we type:

    a) (index page of website) – we will see: Verified: Authorship markup is verified for this page.

    b) (pagesection link) – SAME HERE. we will see: Verified: Authorship markup is verified for this page.

    (Those two pages actualy receive the G+ “verification” just because i`ve inserted the back-link onto my G+ account in one of the Widgets. And seems like the Google “see” that back link.

    But here goes the trycky part: Verification of POSTS…..

    If you go on agai, and test this post link….:

    You wont see a magical “AUTORSHIP VERIVIED” line. Because somehow, when Google check nor a page, but “post” in wordpress, its automatically link it with a “author profile” inside our wordpress…..

    but since there is no such page…. Google cant find that page = cant find a Snippet backLInk = cant verify the Autorship.


    I believe, thats the most straightforward way of solving this is just to modify onto “WHERE” the Author page will be linked.

    I mean, where must be a way to modify the ahref link to where crawler will be sended when it will check “autor” page.

    And of the most super way is to link it right back to the G+ account.

    Example: We read our post, and at the end of it there is a line: Comments, tags, category, author XXXX”

    If XXXX will lead to G+ = that will solve all the issues for everyone.


    See, i`ve got the solution for you)) so, just give us the php code back Dude ))))

    PS: I have that issue on Corona theme, buts thats isnt really matters.



    Issue solved.

    Just create 2 different widgets linking the G+ account. 2 links, but with different “REL” parameters.

    Here is how it performed onto my website.

    For example that post is now verified by Google:

    There is TWO G+ links on that page.

    One (on left column) (its a vidget with this HTML:

    — a rel=”author” href=”” —

    And there is another FOOTER WIDGET on the end of the website which have “REL=ME” html markup:

    — a rel=”me” href=”” —



    go here:

    type that:

    see this: author

    linked author profile =

    Error: Author profile page redirects to another URL

    redirect url =

    google profile =

    author name = Daniel Pouzankov

    Verified: Authorship markup is verified for this page.


    BANG! :-)

    PS: Im sure that soon Google with put a great pressure against CopyPasters and other content theft.

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