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    Have there been any compatibility test with WP 3.7 as of yet? Any reports of troubles following install of it?

    I feel I don’t want to tread into unknown lands to find myself in in a bad situation… ;)


    Hey Skald!

    None so far that I know of. I have it running on my dev install as well as my personal site and have not had any issues there either.

    My advice is always to wait a week or so if you want to be safe and since there isn’t anything huge with 3.7 as far as features go there isn’t any major need to update.

    Best regards,


    Yeah I always do. Use to wait until “critical” plugins such as Yoast’s SEO and W3TC has made eventual updates, then a little longer to see if themes are updated. It’s just that I planned to set the site “online” in a few days, and don’t want a maintenance screen the first thing you see… ;)

    Thanks anyway. If someone else have noticed anything free, they can perhaps leave a note here if you wait a while before you close this topic to new replies.



    Ok, we’ll leave this thread open.



    What about compatibility with WP 3.8? Anyone tried it? Any complications?



    The issue so far is the portfolio sort functions but Dude fixed it. :)

    Please refer to this link: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -wordpress-3-8-update/



    Oki. Thanks. Will there be any update taking care of this? I can’t say I am fond of keeping track of alterations such as these over a length of time. I reported on a malfunction of caption boxes some months ago, when using images with caption in column shortcode. Some CSS adjustments took care of that problem, but it would sure be nice if it was included in an update the next few weeks or so. :)



    Kriesi is aware of the issue and I’m pretty sure that we’ll release updates for all themes with a portfolio soon.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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