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    I remember from a previous topic a few months ago, the following was said


    No, our themes do not support jQuery 1.9.x yet. We’ll update

    our themes before the official WP3.6 release (WP3.6 also uses

    jquery 1.9 instead of 1.8).



    So my question is, is it safe to upgrade or are we waiting for an update?


    I have a problem. I updated my site to wordpress 3.6 and now the website is freaking out jquery problem.

    can i put an update on my website from the new theme?

    or is there a way to set it back to older version of wordpress?


    Hi All,

    Try following the steps in this video to downgrade WordPress to 3.5.2:

    None of the themes have had updates released to work with 3.6 yet. Updates should be coming out next week starting with Enfold.




    That’s great… fortunately, I posted the question before upgrading. Will there be information available as to which files are being updated, to avoid having to replace all theme files?



    Yes, we’ll try to add a detailed change log but i.e. the framework folder requires some updates and you probably need to replace the entire folder.




    This latest update did not fix this for me :

    “-folder config-templatebuilder:

    – fixed: a bug that prevented the layoutbuilder from showing”


    I think we mix up themes now (Avisio, Choices, Enfold, etc.). Please make sure that you’re using the latest version of the theme (download the theme files from and replace all files which are mentioned in the change log. If it still doesn’t work please submit a new ticket in the appropriate forum.

    2013 August 6 - Version 1.9.1

    please update:
    - style.css - new version number
    - functions.php - theme uses the wordpress 3.6 media scripts now
    - css/shortcode.css - fixed a styling problem with the new video shortcode
    - js/shortcode.js - fixed an easyslider problem introduced with WordPress 3.6

    2013 August 6 - Version 1.9

    please update:
    - style.css - new version number
    - css/layout.css - various small fixes
    - functions.php
    - functions-enfold.php
    - includes/helper-responsive-megamenu.php
    - includes/helper-conditional-megamenu.php
    - config-woocommerce/config.php - fixed bug with 404 page
    - config-woocommerce/admin-options.php - Added layout options (header, footer etc)
    - config-bbpress/bbpress-mod.css - improved bbpress forum widget stylings

    folders to update:

    -folder js:
    -fixed a bug with the easy slider not rotating properly

    -folder config-templatebuilder:
    - fixed: a bug that prevented the layoutbuilder from showing
    - fixed: a bug that occurs with custom css label and image element
    - fixed: a bug with the gallery caption

    -folder framework:
    -fixed: required symbol for date input field
    -added: theme support flag for conditional menu:
    using the flag will enable conditional logic for menus
    (you can show/hide menu items based on user level, login, current page, etc)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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