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    I just downloaded the most recent version of Themeforest. It still states v1.2.1 (style.css created on 3/17/11) so I assume it is not ready for WP 3.6.

    When will there be released 1.2.2 to support WP 3.6?



    Hi keyhanjun,

    All themes that will be receiving an update for 3.6 have been released. Kriesi will be patching other themes as needed if there are issues with 3.6 but the last officially support version for Avisio was 3.3 from what the Themeforest listing shows.





    Hi Devin,

    now I am really confused. ;)

    5 minutes ago I just downloaded the theme again. There is no v3.3 out there. I am refering to this theme here:

    After the download & opening the version.rtf file it states the following:

    Version 1.2.1b:

    removed timthumb script from framework/includes since it was no longer necessary and was a security risk

    Version 1.2.1 File Updates:

    file: js/custom.js fixes a IE 9 issue with preloading images

    file: framework/fonts/cufon.js fixes a IE9 issue with font displaying

    file:style.css: version number

    Version 1.2 File Updates:

    file: style.css: changed version number

    file: js/custom.js changed plugin aviaslider to fix internet explorer “white dots bug”

    file: js/custom.js changed ajax contact form sending

    file: js/custom.js changed function my_lightbox to guarantee jquery 1.5 compatibility

    folder: js/prettyphoto: updated prettyphoto to latest version for wordpress 3.1 compatibility

    folder: framework/shortcodes/ improved various shortcodes

    file: header.php: changed dynamic style rules for wordpress 3.1

    file send.php urlencodes data sent by the ajar contact form

    file: framework/classes/ kclass_advanced_css_style.php styleswitcher bugfix

    file: theme_options/portfolio.php /portfolio permalinks

    Note: Please be aware that wordpress no longer allows that your portfolio items share a url slug with your other categories, therefore I had to change the portfolio slug to simply read /portfolio/ instead of /category/portfolio/ . If you happen to encounter 404 errors after upgrading, visit the “permalink” menu item in your admin panel. This will flush your rewrite rules and should fix any issues :)

    Where do you get this information that there is a v3.3 out there? Even the ‘Last Update’ on the TF page sidebar states:

    Last Update 4 October 11


    3.3 is the last WordPress version that the theme officially supports. If you look at “Software Version” list it shows the WordPress versions the theme is compatible with.

    As far as I know there will not be an update released specifically for WordPress 3.6 as there was not for WordPress 3.4 or WordPress 3.5.

    If you do find issues with it, if you choose to update WordPress, we can attempt to fix them at that point.


    Hi Guys, my slider does not work on home page (, I am not a developer and whoever did my site is not available. After reading the support forum, it seems I have 2 options to resolve it: 1) downgrade to 3.5 wordpress or 2) upgrade the choices theme with updates. Stupid question: if I go 2) and update the choices theme, will that new theme override all the customization work on my site? Or should I go and downgrade? Please help.


    Hi yulchik31,

    While this topic is on Avisio specifically, Choices has gotten an update for 3.6. If you update, you can either attempt to update only those files that the change log mentions (verstion.txt) but if you’ve had the theme modified directly there is no telling what has been done.

    Your best bet is to downgrade to 3.5.2 and work on getting the site re-done to be upgrade safe.




    Hi Devin,

    Actually, I tried both.

    1) I downgraded to 3.5 and the issue is still there – my current site

    2) then, I created a staged mirror site and upgraded the theme there. And besides the custom work (clearly the lessons of doing your site on Odesk), the issue still remained – see here – (hosted on WPengine)

    So, really, it is the slider part, not wordpress nor new version. I wonder if there is some plugin conflict. I am not IT at all, but saw it somewhere.


    The Chocies javascript files are not getting loaded in on the staging site. Eg, they are all pulling up 404 errors if you try to access them:

    (hosted on WPengine) />

    So that is why anything that uses javascript wouldn’t work.

    What you can do is try re-uploading the javascript folder and make sure each file is on your live site as well as have chmod 655 permissions.

    With the 19 active plugins running there could also be a conflict but right now it seems like the main issue is the files just not loading.

    If you could re-post your issue in the Choice forum and link to this topic after checking on the above that would be very helpful. I don’t want anyone to get confused if they stumble upon this topic since its in the Avisio forums but talking about Choices now more than Avisio.




    Hi Devin, thank you for a prompt response!

    1) I will repost to Choice once I do what you said (btw, how do I find Choices in this forum, clearly I was lost). Is there a link?

    2) Now, to understand what it means, since I am not a developer at all (I am a business person with some wordpress knowledge, no code, yet I can drag and drop stuff via Filezilla :)). So, can you break down for me in layman terms and steps what it means “What you can do is try re-uploading the javascript folder and make sure each file is on your live site as well as have chmod 655 permissions.” – To me, as I read it, it means, go and 1st remove the javascript folder on the current site and add the fresh folder from the updated theme in its place? Now, what this means, I am lost “make sure each file is on your live site as well as have chmod 655 permissions”. Can you help?


    From the main Support link at the top : click on the “Choice” forum:

    The chmod permissions have a basic explanation here:

    You can usually do this with an FTP client but it depends on which one you are using. Your hosting provider will also typically assist with how-to if you contact their support.


    Thank you Devin. I will try. My host is great for site speed – wpengine, but support their is limited.

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