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    Previous poster revealed problem with slideshow only showing first two slides after upgrade to 3.6. Would rather not risk a rollback and would appreciate you having a look see at the issue at , front page slideshow. I did not notice there was a problem initially and did not see anything advising against moving forward to 3.6 in support when I checked.

    If there is a one or two file fix on 3.6 I would rather deal with that if possible.



    Hi colinjf,

    We have no fixes available right now and will probably not for a few days to make sure any quick fixes don’t then cause additional issues.

    Your best route is to downgrade to 3.5.2 again to get everything working as needed. As of right now the theme is not directly compatible with 3.6.




    I noticed quite a few other issues beyond the slideshow so rollback was absolutely necessary. Thanks.


    There will definitely be a good number of fixes with the 3.6 theme update so for now that is the best option.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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