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    Just updated to 3.2, now my main feature images dont load.




    I’ll report it to Kriesi – very likely it’s a js/jquery issue. I’m sure he will release updates soon and we’ll announe it.

    Please make sure that you’re already using the latest theme version. You can download updates anytime at :

    I’ll try to reproduce all errors with the latest theme versions. Please deactivate ALL plugins – maybe one conflicts with the latest jquery version and causes a theme js function error.

    Update: Can you post a link to your website please – with Version 1.1+ the slideshow seems to work for me.


    Hey, checked it as well and couldnt find any errors, my demo installation works on wordpress 3.2 already and from what I can tell everything works as it should. If you got problems after updateing to the latest theme and wordpress version please post a link here so we can check in detail what the issue could be.


    Hey guys,

    Mines broken too.

    Unplugged and replugged all of my plugins and no luck.

    This is the site :

    Basically now my Featured Image header at the top of the page won’t load,

    and also now all of the players which are attached to each and every post now don’t play any music,

    but just act as a download. Music is run through WPaudio (

    Any speedy thoughts would be awesomely appreciated!



    Hi andycog,

    It seems you’re running a dated version of Habitat (1.0), please follow the instructions provided by Dude and Kriesi.

    If the audio plugin isn’t fixed by this you should see the plugin page


    Ok, thanks Chris!

    Would you, Kriesi or Dude, happen to have a link to a tutorial as to how I might upgrade?

    I do not under any circumstance want to change the layout or look of my site the way it is now,

    and on theme forest it seems I can only re-download the entire theme again.

    Thanks again!



    you can find a chaangelog in the themeforest download package. It’s called version.rft I think. Open it up and replace all mentioned files. If you just modified the stylesheets you can also replace all php/js files at once. I’d use a ftp software like filezilla to download the theme folder. Then I’d make a backup and replace all updated files. At least upload the folder again.


    Hello, I’m also having issues with my images loading. I updated to 3.2 and then updated Habitat.

    Here’s my website :

    Please help!


    My Images are loading now, It just needed some time to kick in after making the changes in the version.rft file.

    Remember you need to edit any changes you made to your style.css file after replacing with the new habitat version.

    Back it up first!


    Yes – backups are VERY important. Back up the theme files (ftp) AND the database to be on the save side :)


    Hi, i have upgraded also and problem with my slider image also:

    please i really need help i have forget to backup… i feel bad ;o(

    Thanks for help ;o)



    I think it’s a jquery/js problem. You’re using version 1 of Habitat which doesn’t work with WP3.2+

    Please download the latest version at and replace the old theme files with the new ones (you just need to replace the files mentioned in the changelog (version.rft)).


    I am really scared to lose my personal design :o(

    and i must recognized that i don’t understand what i have to change when i was reading the rtf instructions,

    Someone could help me to do it safetly ?

    Thanks dude


    Sorry but as you can imagine we can’t do the updates for users. It’s sometimes a time intensive task and if I help every user I’d spend weeks on this task. It would be unfair to help you but nobody else. If you can’t update the files yourself you can downgrade to the latest wp version which worked for you (by replacing the current wordpress files with the “old wordpress files”) or you hire someone to do the update for you.


    how can i save my design if i replace all the template files ?

    i have to upload only the files says in the rtf file ?

    whatever thanks i am sad that i had to do this upgrade alone why don’t you prevent this case in programming template by protecting the style and design files ? just advice


    regards raphael nordier


    If i understood well the only risk come from the style.css file ? if i send you my style.css file can you send it back to me upgraded ? i think i could manage the rest of the upgrade ;o)

    just in case,




    I have upgraded only the style.css isn’t what should i change in this file: style.css ?

    looks working ;o)




    As far as I know in style.css only the version number changed (which of course doesn’t affect anything) and following code changed from:

    .js_active .toggler{
    margin:-1px 0;
    padding:3px 3px 5px 27px;
    display: block;


    .js_active .toggler {
    cursor: pointer;
    display: block;
    margin: -1px 0;
    padding: 3px 3px 5px 27px;
    position: relative;
    top: 1px;


    Thanks it solved and working well, :o)

    Best regards,



    Glad that everything works now :)


    just upgraded to wp3.2.1 and my site is broken

    how can i fix the problem?


    everything’s fine! wrong alert!

    thank you :D


    Glad that everything works now :)


    Great info and support about the updates etc. Followed the info here and successfully updated my theme from 1.0 to 1.1.

    Updating to WordPress 3.1 broke my theme and the prettyphoto/slideshow didnt load and locked up the site but now I seemed to have fixed it!

    Now I’m going to try to update from WordPress 3.1.2 to 3.2.1 through the dashboard and hopefully it will all be okay!

    Thanks for the great support! Not regretting purchasing this theme one bit!


    Glad Dude could help you :)


    hey chris,

    i am glad that you updated the theme, but i really changed a lot in the theme and cant just copy the new files over the old ones. i just have the issue that after updating to wp 3.2.1 the slideshows and images wont get shown. how can i make the hack myself to get it working in the newest wp version without copying the whole new theme?

    thanks in advance.



    If you’ve made customizations you can use version.rtf (the changelog) to replace the updated files only.

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