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    A couple of things are happening:

    After I upgraded to WP 3.1…

    — I can’t login to the dashboard. Found a thread on that advised renaming it. I did so, temporarily — to “functions.old” — and was able to login.

    — Obviously, with a renamed functions file you can’t edit the widgets. So, reverting back to the correct name “functions.php”, then attempting to access the Widgets returned an error: “The theme is not widget aware”

    Before I go through all of this (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -3 (I did remove the hardcoded Facebook Like Button – -no effect though) , are you familiar with theme-specific issues that will get me back on track.

    Curiously…I don’t see “functions.php” in the sidebar of Appearance > Editor…but there is a so called “theme-functions.php” file there.


    P.S. Here’s the site:



    Have you updated to the latest version?

    An update was made to all the themes recently to support WP 3.1.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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