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    After upgrading to WordPress 3.1 earlier on, I noticed that the image slider on the frontpage no longer rotates between the various post, it’s stuck on the first post out of the four available. I can switch manually using the thumbnails though.

    At the same time, the news ticker has gone berserk and is updated rapidly about 2-3 times per second. Both were configured to switch every 7 seconds (7000 milliseconds).

    Additionally, I’m not sure if its also due to WordPress 3.1, but as I tested the site earlier using IE8 (I use Google Chrome usually), I also noticed that the image slider does not animate (usually it fades from one to the other) even when I click the thumbnail to switch manually. It just switches image instantly with no transition effect. On IE8, the ticker doesn’t update at all.


    (My site is at if you want to take a look)



    Thank you for reporting this bug to us.

    I’ll ask Kriesi to have a look into this and update you with a solution.



    Okay, this is *really* weird. My host just went down for about half a day, and when it came back up, the slider and tickers are both working fine in both Chrome and IE8. I thought maybe they replaced the site with a backup or something (when my site was still using 3.0), but I logged into WordPress Admin and I it appears that I am still using 3.1.

    Weird stuff. Maybe my host’s problem after all? Any one with any insight?


    That’s really wired. It sounds like an initialisation problem. Maybe resources (js, etc.) load quicker now and this solves your problem….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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