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    Hi there,

    I’ve purchased expose for my WP sites and since I’ve upgraded to WP 3.2.1 my galleries don’t display images in lightbox sideshows as usual.

    I followed the instruction I found on other threads of this forum, downloading the newest expose release from Themeforest and uploading it again. I deactivated the theme before the operation and reactivated it again afterwords.

    Nothing happened. Clicking on the pics in galleries it still displays a static page (in the same tab).

    May I have some help?

    Thank you very much!




    this sounds like a js conflict/error which is caused by the new jquery version in WP3.2.1. I checked the theme files and they seem to be up to date so I assume that a plugin is incompatible with WP 3.2.1. Try to deactivate all plugins and activate them one by one until the lightbox issue occurs again.


    Thank you Dude! I deactivated all the plugins and re-activate them one by one and the images now run normally.

    Issue is solved.

    Bye! :)


    Glad to see this issue solved :)



    I’m having the same issue as well. The images are opening in a static window, not the Lightbox. (This issue started before I upgraded to the WordPress 3.2.1).

    I tried deactivating all the pluggins as well but the problem persists.

    Here’s the URL:

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance!



    You need to update the lightbox script to the latest version. You can download the new version here: – then replace the prettyphoto folder (expose/js/prettyphoto) with the new/updated files.


    Hi Dude!

    I was sure that lightbox issue was fixed once for ever, but I posted a new gallery and the pics are displayed in a new tab, instead that in lightbox.

    Do you remember:

    Where is the bug?

    Thank you :)




    are you sure the page wasn’t still loading? The lightbox on the page you’re linking seems to work fine. Am I missing something?


    Hi Chris. Well, in fact it seems to work, I didn’t change anything. But I can’t understand why the gallery displays rectangular thumbs instead of the square ones as usual.

    Where am I wrong? Thank you Chris.



    I believe you can set the size of the image inserted into the post when you’re adding it to your page? It should give you options such as Full Size, Thumbnail, Small, Medium, …

    Have you made any modifications that suddenly changed the thumbnail images? Maybe you added/removed a plugin?

    Let me know if this helps, it’s rather strange for thumbnails to change out of nowhere.


    The problem is that the thumbnail size of the pics I uploaded in this last post is not 150×150 as usual, (regardless of their original ratio). The thumbnails are 150×99 or 99×150. I can’t understand why. I downloaded and uploaded the pics again but it still displays rectangulare thumbanils in the gallery post page. Normally I don’t need to set the image size in galleries, as it is automatically set. As for: or other posts of the same category.

    I don’t think the issue is related with a plugin removal, since I didn’t do anything of the kind. :|

    Thank you Chris for your help.



    Hi Chris!

    I tried to delete the picture files in my post, then I uploaded them again in the post editor’s box.

    The thumbnails in the gallery are always shown in their original ratio instead of the squared one. No hints?

    Thank you!



    Hi there!

    I’m still struggling against the gallery issue in my new posts. Thumbnails don’t display in their square proportions. May I have some help please? Should I start a new thread?

    Why is this page

    different from ?

    Thank you.

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