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    1/I have problem when activating woocommerce multilanguage :

    it seems that this extension since last update of woocommerce is not working. My main language is English, and when I set my secondary language : french , it simply erase the preferences for english when saving, and vice versa.

    2/ when duplicating a product from english to french with WPML: everything works well, except that my gallery ( used as a background slideshow for flashlight / not the WP gallery) is not duplicated at all : that means that I have to re-upload again the same gallery again : that’s a lot more work and space on the server.

    WooCommerce version

    WordPress version WP 3.4.2

    My theme is Flashlight 1.7

    WPML 2.6.0,



    1) “simply erase the preferences for english when saving” – do you mean the “woocommerce multilanguage” settings or the theme settings? If the woocommerce multilanguage plugin doesn’t work properly please contact the WPML support team because they are responsible for the woocommerce integration.

    2) Someone else reported this issue too. It’s not caused by WPML but the problem is that Kriesi’s image gallery function doesn’t support the “duplicate” feature yet. I’ll ask him to look into it asap.



    I have the same problem. Only saves the last configuration, in consequence only works in one language. Is it solved?

    Best regards,



    Hi legogr,

    Kriesi just released Flashlight version 1.9 a couple of days ago. Have you logged into Themeforest using the account you purchased the theme and upgraded? Please take a look.





    I have updated by downloading the new flashlight version

    1/ by downloading the lates version on themeforest it says 1.8 after installing and not 1.9

    2/ When activation Woocomerce WPML it is still crashing and this time really crashing not just bugging :

    I can get only now get one screen with this on it :

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpml_checkout_page_id() in /home/kpluspco/public_html/ on line 549

    any idea of how to resolve this problem, I have checked with, they say taking the lastes version is resolving : done!

    At woothemes they say there should be some compatibility problem with WPML

    So what about the theme itself?

    Many thanks



    The error occurs in a plugin file ( wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-multilingual/woocommerce_wpml.class.php ) which has nothing to do with the theme. You can try to switch to another theme (eg TwentyEleven) and you’ll probably get the same error…




    Yes I have tried like this and it seems, that this is a problem with WPML + Woocommerce,

    Is the last version of Flashlight 1.9 or 1.8?







    It’s 1.9 however Kriesi forgot to update the version number in style.css and wordpress will tell you that you’re using version 1.8 instead of 1.9.

    Best regards,


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