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    why can’t i get my category pages to show the woocommerce widgets? specifically, the filter by price widget?

    it only shows up on the page that I set in the woocommerce settings as the default shoppinag page.

    i created a new dynamic template for each of my categories, and chose it as a left sidebar. the woocommerce widgets do not show up when i drag/drop into the space.

    please help. they currently work on your demo –

    also, is there any way to remove the ‘products’ link in the breadcrumbs? and in the URL of each individual product, it says

    can i remove product or change it at all?

    please help! thanks.



    1) As far as I know the widget won’t work with dynamic templates. Kriesi used the default product category templates in the demo (i.e. here: ). However I’ll ask Kriesi if it’s possible.

    2) You can change the breadcrumb output/code in abundanceframeworkphpclass-breadcrumb.php

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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