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    First problem was that my sidebar was appearing down the page on shop pages. solved this by adding custom css to the theme options as follows;

    .container .clear {

    clear: left;


    Depending on how you have sidebars set (left or right) on your shop pages change the left to right in the css etc. My sidebars were on the left so I used “clear:left;”

    I also had a problem with the add to cart buttons not working and fixed this by turning off “Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on product archives ” in the woocommerce settings, however i then noticed i was getting a “Session Expired” error on the site when arriving at the checkout page.

    I couldnt fix this so I rolled back to version 1.5.8 of woocommerce – instructions are below for those in doubt.

    1. NOTE – you will lose changes if you edited the core woocommerce plugin files.

    2. Download version 1.5.8 from here:

    3. Go to your wordpress install plugin folder via FTP or cpanel and rename the existing woocommece folder (woocommerce-old or similar)

    4. Unzip 1.5.8 on your computer and zip the contained folder “woocommerce” into its own zip file – upload this to your wordpress plugins older.

    5. Unzip the 1.5.8 folder into your wordpress plugin folder on your server – so now you have “woocommerce”(1.5.8) and “woocommerce-old”(most recent / offending update) in your plugins folder with other plugins

    6. Go to your wordpress plugins page on your site and activate 1.5.8 version

    7. Problem solved for now – and lets hope the team get an update out soon.



    Hi seph88,

    We’ve been reporting the issues to Kriesi since the release last week and WooCommerce has also updated at least once since then so hopefully Kriesi will be releasing some stable updates shortly.

    Thank you very much for the details on re-loading the older working version! I’ll refer to your steps for the next few days :)





    Hey! actually I couldnt reproduce the add to cart error. are there any wordpress plugins or woocommerce extensions running that might interfere?

    Everything else I could reproduce and the next update will fix it :)

    Best regards,



    I also cannot “Add to Cart” on my site:

    I don’t know what version of woocommerce I’m using, but I assume it is the latest version. I really would hate to downgrade to 1.5.8, because that is quite old now.

    Changing the “Enable AJAX Add to Cart buttons” did not change anything.

    Any support on this issue would be much appreciated; even if to just tell me I should downgrade woocommerce to a specific version.




    WooCommerce is now at If you’re running an older installation I would suggest upgrading to that version first to see if it corrects the issue. If not, check to make sure no plugins are conflicting by deactivating all but WooCommerce.





    I deactivated all but WooCommerce and I have version running. When I click “Add to Cart” it does the little spinny thing, then shows a checkbox, but the cart still shows empty (same behavior as before). Any other suggestions? Thanks – Rolo Board



    Can you post a link to your website please?




    I also have a probolem, whenever I click proceed to checkout, the browser loads and returns to the product page. I click the top left icon everything works just fine.

    Hope you can help!


    Hi roloboard,

    I had no issues adding products to the cart.

    @collegeodk – This sounds like your woo commerce options may not have the correct links set up to your checkout pages. Go to your Woo Commerce Settings>Pages and make sure all the pages selected there are the correct ones, specifically checkout.




    Hi I am also having a problem with getting items added to the cart. Here is the url – when I add an item to the cart, I can see it in the cart bar, however when I click the cart icon and go to the cart the item is no longer in the cart – nothing is in the cart. The cart does work when I am logged in as the admin.

    I have turned off all plugins and am running the latest version of the Theme, WordPress and WooCommerce.

    I have checked the cart page and believe it is also pointed at the correct page. Thank you a head of time.


    Double check that the pages you have set for checkout are correct and that your payment settings are correct as well. I’m able to get to the cart page but can not check out.

    Also, try removing the google map from your footer as well. Its giving a bunch of errors when I check the site with Chromes dev panel.



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