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    Setting up a test site before building the live version for a home business. Using as follows:

    WordPress v3.5.1

    Flashlight Theme v2.0

    WooCommerce v1.6.6

    Imsanity v2.1.6

    Only test data in the site to familiarise myself with WooCommerce and Flashlight, and I notice that while the price tag is displayed in the product catalogue, it is missing when viewing a single product page.

    I’ve tried disabling the Imsanity plugin to be sure there’s nothing else conflicting (still missing price) and have checked with WP’s default “Twenty-Twelve” theme activated (price is displayed correctly in single product view).

    It would be really nice if this was working. Can you advise?





    Open woocommerce-config > config.php then find this code

    remove_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_template_single_price', 10, 2);

    Remove it.




    Thanks Ismael, worked a treat.

    Can I assume that when I upgrade Flashlight to a newer version in the future, I’ll need to go back and re-edit this code (unless the issue has been fixed in that newer, future version)?




    Yes, but we’ll probably fix it in the next version.

    Best regards,



    I think I have the same issue, where will I find the woocommerce-config



    Go to wp-content/themes/flashlight/woocommerce-config/ – this folder contains the config file (called config.php).




    got it..and it worked…onwards to next issue!


    ;-{( lasted only a few seconds…, now price shows twice, once where it should under the image and one in super size in the same line as heading!

    I am about to go bald from tearing at my head fixing these issues..!


    I added this on reading the topic and then removed it straight away as it did add the price twice on my page as well


    Same problem here:

    I use product variations – no price tag is shown when a product variation is selected.

    Removing the line as suggested by Ismael had no effect at all – no double appearance as experienced by turboper4mer and xGSTQ .



    Hi All,

    This is actually the default behavior for Flashlight. Removing line 77 in the woocommerce-config>config.php file should re-add it in on the single product page and will also show it for the variable products under the variations selection.

    You can add the following css to your Quick CSS or custom.css file to remove the initial price on variations if you want:

    #top.single-product .price {
    display: none;
    #top.single-product .single_variation_wrap .price {
    display: block;




    Hi Devin

    I definitely want to see the price tag appear where it was before the update.

    Unfortunately adding the codes you suggested did not do anything for me.

    Can you think of any other solution? I’m afraid the WooCommerce support crew will not help.




    One other thin I noticed in testing, the product add-on prices do not change the price of the product till it goes to cart, meaning the price is not dynamic and remains same while selecting the add-on should change it.

    Any help there? use the link to see and test…



    pre-2.2.1 test installation:

    2.2.1 installation:

    in the older version, the price tag appears when you select a product option

    in the updated version this information is missing



    @turboper4mer – Is that a variable price product or is the options coming from something else?

    @Bruno – In your custom.css file you have this line which is making the price not appear:

    #top .price, #top .price span, #top .price del, #top .price ins {
    display: none;

    Specifically, the #top .price span selector.




    Hi Devin

    strange, this line of code was added a long time ago to hide the price tag on the catalog overview page “From $ XX.XX” and has not changed in a while … I never noticed the price tag on the product detail page disappear …

    Anyway – removing ” #top .price span” did the trick for me

    Thanks a lot – and sorry for the trouble.



    It always helps to see it live so we can dig in to the live code and see any issues like that. Glad we got it taken care of :)


    no the item is a simple product and the variation are from add on and even if it is disabled the price tag does not show, however the price now shows using the recommended removal of a line out of config.


    to clear the above response, the price is showing but in TWO places… I need it to be in one place only.



    Please describe those two places while indicating which of the two should be removed. A link to the page exhibiting this behavior will allow us to provide you with a solution specific to your site.

    ignore below, please provide url to page with two prices

    You can also open /woocommerce-config/config.php in the theme folder, and look for line 77 , in front of which you will add two slashes // in front of it

    //remove_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_template_single_price', 10, 2);



    note – i didn’t see that Ismael suggested that much earlier (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -price-tag?replies=20#post-95919


    here is a link to the product page:

    The price showing in top right in large font needs to be removed.



    Please insert following code into the quick css field:

    .summary.entry-summary .price_container{
    display: none !important;

    Best regards,



    It worked like a charm! THANKS



    Great :)

    Best regards,



    Why does Flashlight have a handicap for variable products with woocommerce? it is advertised to be compatible with woocommerce. Can I get help in making the woocommerce variations work?


    Any help for Variable Products? Can I get paid help for customizing to get variable products to work and pricing per sq ft by customer input Height x Width, maybe doctor the woo add-in for measurement pricing?



    Flashlight is compatible with WooCommerce with the stable version. What that means is, when you see in WordPress a notification that a new version of any plugin (or the WordPress framework itself) has just been released, it is never a good idea to click the update button on a live site. If you do, you are gambling that whatever updates have been made are 100% compatible with the theme. Please give us time in order to test and verify if that’s a fact while minimizing your risk.

    Please setup a development website ( most have it at a location like ) – which is a mirror or your live site with its own copy of the database ) and this is where everything is tested first before the live site. WooCommerce just had a major upgrade to v2.0 and in the past 2 weeks had 5 version updates fixing the various problems and stabilizing. Kriesi has been doing a commendable job keeping the themes compatible with their latest releases.

    My rule of thumb with any theme, plugin, or WordPress framework update, is to wait around 2 weeks to a month before upgrading to ensure that the compatibility issues have been ironed out first ( by comparison, your host may wait as long as 12-15 months before upgrading their versions of mySQL database, PHP, or Linux to ensure everything has stabilized. )

    I have notified the support team about your request for paid support. If you need something urgently I would recommend , or any of the other sites that allow high caliber developers to bid on short term dev work, as today there is a good number of developers very familiar with Kriesi’s Avia Framework as well as WooCommerce.




    Hi Nick,

    Actually the variable products has never worked!

    I have been trying to make it work but seems the theme is not capable of working with variable products. This is kind of sad as it is a good looking theme and seems to fit our style but the lack of variable products is really not cool as it is supposed to be compatible with woo commerce.

    Any help would be appreciated, the main issue is the variations are not showing as well as the price tag.



    Hi turboper4mer,

    Yes, the theme works with variable products. I’ve tested it and set them up on quite a few sites. You need to make sure you have the Attribute set up and that it has the correct terms you want. Then add the attribute to your product and set up the variations based on those attributes.

    I just tested this on my live install of the most recent version of Flashlight with WooCommerce as well.



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