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    First off, I have gone through the forums searching for a solution and am yet to find one.

    The issue: I can not set a “featured image” for products.

    I understand that there is no “featured image” function for Flashlight, and to use the gallery upload instead as it selects the first image as the featured image.

    So, I upload an image to be used as a product featured image. I select “Save all changes”- and sometimes the “…then close the window and update the gallery preview” option disappears. When it disappears, I have to click the green upload button again, and then go to gallery and select the image again, save all changes, and then the “…then close the window…” button. Sometimes, the image I uploaded is no longer in the gallery, and I have to re-upload it (thus creating duplicates).


    This is the first issue: the upload function is not working correctly with buttons disappearing and me having to redo everything.

    Now, assuming the upload function works correctly, I am able to save all changes, and I can select the “…then close the window…” button, the image will appear in the gallery. I then update the page, and go visit it, but the image does NOT show up.


    1: ( Here the image is uploaded correctly, I select save changes, and the “…then close the window…” button.

    2: The image is uploaded and the page updated.

    3a: The category page is fine with the image I uploaded for it before (not related to current image being uploaded).

    3b: Upon selecting the category of paint, you now see that under black paint, no image is appearing.

    4: The product page for the black paint is again not showing any images.

    Not sure if this may be causing an issue, but my shop page shows categories, rather than all products, as I am trying to sell various products- under various categories. However, I don’t see why this would affect the image upload function for a product.

    Why is there no “featured image” function in Flashlight? Can this be added somehow to avoid this issue? It seems to me that using the current upload function via gallery is not working.


    I am really frustrated at this point. I have tried over and over again, and everytime the image does not show.

    Please help. I am about to smash my laptop.





    This person is having similar issues that I described in the beginning. I am keeping track of that page for that issue, but I am having a different issue described beneath that part.


    Hi Rivalink,

    Try not ever hitting the Save button and only hitting the “…then close the window and update the gallery preview” button. I know its not clear enough that this is the proper steps but, this should do the trick.

    So try uploading the image, adjusting your settings then only selecting the secondary button.


    Thank you Devin. It was a bit confusing.

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