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    Hi there,

    Recently i upgraded the Replete theme and WooCommerce for a customer.

    They claim that before the update the category list on the left only displayed the subcategories when you clicked on a main category.

    But now it shows all sub categories. I tried to fiddle with the settings but no result. When you check “Only show subcategories of main category” some main categories disappear when you go deeper in the navigation (there are 3 levels: main > 1st sub > 2nd sub ).

    Has there been a change in this widget? Or do i need to use another widget?
    Thanks in advance!


    Update – Maybe describes the problem better:

    When the option “Only show subcategories of main category” is active, and when clicked on a random category, the categories with a subcategory disappear.

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    The product category widget is not part of the Replete theme code but it’s a WooCommerce widget. Your best bet is to contact the WooCommerce plugin developers: . I’m sure they can tell you if the widget code was changed with the update and if/how you can restore the old styling.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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