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    Is there a way to manipulate the theme to display the simple products included in a product bundle ( listed down the right in the main product area, as with the example given in the extension?

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    My site currently looks like this:

    I want it to look like this (or like the extension’s example):


    Hi redloungeagency,

    I’m not familiar with the bundle plugin but it probably needs the output for the bundles to be added before the product summary/tabs instead of after the price. You should be able to check with the extension/woo commerce support and get the specifics for that extension.




    Given that the example on the woocommerce documentation ( appears in the way I am asking about, I had expected that if I bought this theme, it would render in the same way.

    I have contacted woocommerce support (as it is an official woocommerce extension/plugin) and they said the following:

    Unfortunately this customization/modification is beyond the extent of our support here at Woo.

    I hope to point you (or your developer) in the right direction though.

    This can be changed by looking into the hooks available to you in WooCommerce.



    I don’t have any of their premium extensions. They have over 100 of those extensions and I want to help you, I just have no code to help you with. I will forward this to the support team manager and Kriesi to decide the best way to do this.




    Yes, sure – I understand that. It must be hard to keep up with every new thing they release!

    Thank you.



    The product bundle extension is not compatible with our themes. Kriesi is aware of this problem ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) #post-82079 ) however there’s no solution yet.

    Best regards,



    Do you mind looking at URL:

    That is a product bundle and it seems to work properly (even if it doesn’t display in the way we would ideally like).

    Will you please clarify in what way the extension is incompatible with the theme?

    If it seems to work, is there something we are missing?

    I can see this in the other thread:

    It seems like the “woocommerce_add_to_cart” hook in woocommerceclassesclass-wc-cart.php offers 6 parameters and the avia_add_to_cart just supports 2. Unfortunately I don’t see an easy way to add the standard hook to our configuration file.

    …but I’m not sure what that means…


    Hey redloungeagency,

    It looks like its just adding a new type of product (the bundle) which can be added to the like normal. If that is the case then all *should* work.




    I don’t understand what you mean…?

    Do we need to do anything to make it work?

    We haven’t made any code changes for this, we have just activated the plugin.


    The example you linked with the plugin active seems to be working. I don’t know what it entails as far as setting up product groups or if that is the correct/incorrect layout but the actual functionality of adding a bundle to the cart seemed to work when I tested it.

    As Peter said, the extension is not directly compatible with the them. If that means some settings simply don’t work to get the layout working or if there are other issues I do not know. However, on the surface in your example it seems to work. If in testing you find the products get added to the cart and on checkout the correct order is listed then I assume the only issue is layout/styling.




    Ok great, thanks.

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