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    I’m using the Replete WordPress theme with Woocommerce.

    I’m using the ‘Dynamic Template Builder’ to insert 4 widgets at the top of the page with products from my chosen category below. I’ve put the woocommerce layered nav filter widgets in the appropriate areas but it just won’t display on the page. The attributes that I have selected for the woocommerce layered nav are in the products that are on the page and if I put other widgets in they work fine but just not the woocommerce layered nav widgets.

    I’ve been using the replete theme and woocommerce since february so have a fair understanding of how it all works so I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything right but it just won’t work. Can you help?

    Many Thanks,



    I’m sorry but this widget will not work with the dynamic template builder. The”Layered Nav” widget does only support archive pages (where the main query contains the products) and our product element uses a custom query. (Also see: – “The layered navigation widget will only appear on product archives”).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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