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    Hello, when using Woocommerce in the Coalition theme, most of Woocommerce seems to be working fine.

    Altough, the main shop page and product pages, don’t align very well.

    I figured out that there has to be some css ‘error’.

    I enabled the woocommerce CSS in the woocommerce settings

    The shopping cart page works fine with the menu.

    The code looks like this:


    Now, when I open an single product page or just the main shop page, the menu does not work fine and is put to the bottom of the page.

    The code looks like this:


    How should I change the CSS to make the product page look just as fine as the shopping cart page?

    Thanks in advance


    Running Coalition 1.4 on WP 3.4.2


    Hi JorritK,

    Unfortunately Coalition does not have support for WooCommerce built in so there is no code or configuration files built into the theme to modify the output of the plugin for this theme.




    Unfortunately I have a similar problem. Is there meanwhile a better solution?

    -> is it possible to add features with an developed plugin?

    -> is there any solution? it is missplaced when i enter the url of the main shop. and it is not visible when i add the shop page the the one page portfolio.





    No because WooCommerce still requires special templates otherwise the theme will not display the shop pages, ajax cart, product archive pages, etc. properly. Coalition does not offer these templates and it would require quite a lot of work to implement them. We have also no plans to add these templates to the theme because we already have 5 shop themes in our portfolio (Flashlight, Abundance, Replete, Propulsion, Enfold) and we don’t want to convert all themes into shop themes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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