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    Hey, so ive been Googaling around and found plenty of threads with regards to the woocommerce product variations

    I am selling items that potentially have 6 variations (maybe more yet) and I wanted to add a new image for each product variation (selling frames & mounts & prints)

    I have read that the Flashlight theme does not support Product Variation Images however I would really really like this feature.

    The only other way to do this would be to add a gallery to each product with the 6+ images of the various variations, if then I had 100 products, this becomes 600+ images in the gallery because there is no way to re-use the same images in the media gallery using the flashlight theme image uploaded, you have to upload new images every new item you add to the shop.

    Is there any way around this ?

    I would like the product variation so that I only have to upload 1 new image for each item and re-use the variation images already added.

    You can view a shop item here >> I am still tweaking it though



    Hey xGSTQ,

    Unfortunately not with the way Flashlight is set up. As WooCommerce has upgraded the theme has not been able to fully support all of its new features. From what Kriesi has said, if he were to upgrade the theme to work with variations and re-do the gallery set up it would not be compatible or upgradable for anyone currently using Flashlight.




    Thank you foe being honest, I like that

    I think i can manage without it, but its such a cool feature to show product variations, maybe add it to a “wish List” or mention for that product variations is not supported as yet in the themeforest product page.

    I will make do with the themes sideshow gallery, but its not ideal.

    Dont suppose you know of any way to tap into the already uploaded images for the themes gallery plugin do you ?

    For example every product I add im going to have to re-upload the same images over and over meaning im going to end up with lots of the same images on the server which in turn slows the load times and makes managing images a right royal pain


    When it comes to images attached to a post or page, they can only actually be attached to one at a time. So even with typical wordpress set ups you’ll get a lot of image duplication on the server.

    It doesn’t really hurt load times however, it only effects how much space is taken up on your server by images.

    So say you want to have a picture of a balloon in the blog announcing that it will be for sale in the shop. That picture, if its the featured image for that blog post could not be also attached to the product as its featured image. Because of this constraint as part of wordpress anyway, the themes slideshow gallery only lets you upload new images.

    Where that falls short, is if you already have a group of images uploaded to your server through wordpress but they aren’t attached to anything. At that point, you could delete them and then only upload them through the portfolio/product/post/page if you wanted to save on space.



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