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    I am considering buying your flashlight theme.

    1. Will I have full access to the WooCommerce admin – i.e. full access to all the features of the normal plugin?

    2. Will the WooCommerce built in to this theme get updates as/when WC have updates available?

    3. What’s the difference between the WC built in to the theme & the plugin?

    Cheers, Sam


    and also, does flashlight support WooCommerce Extensions, such as Subscriptions?


    1) Yes

    2) Yes. However WooCommerce is not built into the theme. It’s still a third party plugin and you need to install it like a “normal” plugin. Flashlight comes with a php configuration file which takes care of the plugin integration.

    3) See 2) – there’s no difference.

    4) Flashlight is compatible with many (probably most) WooCommerce plugins but not with all. The reason is that Kriesi changes the default shop template structure a bit (with filters/actions, etc.) and this can affect third party plugins which rely on these filters/actions. It’s compatible with Subscriptions though. If you want to be sure that all WooCommerce extensions work with your theme rather buy http://themeforest.net/item/replete-ecommerce-and-business/3519946 because it’s a dedicated e-commerce theme and the WooCommerce integration is better (Flashlight on the other hand is more a photographer theme).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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