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    I installed the WooCommerce Dynamic Gallery Plugin

    and after doing so it seems to break the look of your theme. i contacted the programmer of this plugin, its the only 1 out there for woocommerce so i cannot try an alternative.

    this was their response to why it breaks, wondering if you have any fix in place

    We know about the Abundance theme issue – but its not something we can fix from the plugin – its in that themes code – as it uses div block align left which over rides the plugins align image centre.

    this is how the page looks

    it seems to push everything to the left column.

    They say they have a fix but only support their pro customers for the issue, which would cost me 50 bucks.

    Seeing how its a theme issue im hoping you have a solution. its only on the single product page.


    I don’t think it’s a theme issue but the plugin changes the html structure and breaks the theme layout. The default layout (eg compare ) shows two content areas – one for the preview image on the left and one for the summary (product description & text content) on the right. Your website: uses a different div structure and the content is displayed inside the preview image area on the left side and thus it’s also shifts towards the left. So it’s actually no css issue (like the response above suggests) which can be fixed with a few lines of css code but the plugin changes the html structure and you need to rewrite the plugin (or shop template code) somehow. So if they have a fix I’d invest the 50 bucks…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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