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    I am setting up my first store using your Abundance theme. Having troubles with my “Checkout” page and a few other associated pages such as “Checkout & Pay” and “Order Received.” If I am shopping on my site and I click on “Checkout” I get an 404 Error like this:

    Any ideas why this is happening and now to fix? The pages have not been edited since installation and the Woocommerce short codes seem to be in tact. Theoretically, they should have been ready to go.

    This seems like it should be a question for Woocommerce but their support pages are inaccessible unless you are a member, which I am not. I wish you would have went with a better documented commerce plugin for this theme. Very frustrating, but hopefully you can help.

    Thank you,




    Try to flush the permalinks. Go to Settings > Permalinks and click the “Save” button. Then reload/refresh the permalinks settings page again.


    Thanks for responding. No luck. Did this and even cleared cache and such. Still no change.

    Also, tried to create a new checkout page. New page, dropped in Woo shortcode for checkout page. Worked great, viewed properly until I assigned it to the Product Pages parent. Then it stopped working and I got the same 404 error page.

    Any other ideas?


    Hello, anybody out there?

    Sorry to be impatient, but I’ve got a deadline for making this shopping cart work and I’m getting very nervous. Should I start looking for another theme and start all over again? If this cart is not going to work I’ll be very bummed. Any ideas how to fix these broken checkout pages?

    Your help would be very, very much appreciated.

    Thank you,




    I’m really not certain, it seems like what Dude said in combination with faulty database entries. I’d start with disabling plugins just in case they interfere – then check again if it solves anything. If this doesn’t work I would reset the database and start from scratch with a clean installation. But this might be a bit much for the posts you currently have.

    The cart works fine for me.


    Thanks for your help. I was unable to make things work even with plugins disabled. Rebuild all of the cart/shopping pages from scratch/without parent pages and they all work great now.


    Glad that it all works now :)


    I am having a similiar issue. I am using the Propulsion theme and once you get to the checkout page and fill all the info it wont let you check out … little wheel spins and the box stays opaque.


    Hi sixfivecreative,

    I’ve posted a response to this in your post here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -properly



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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