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    Can anyone help. I have a site built on the Propulsion theme and I cannot get the checkout page to work properly.

    You can place items in the cart and fill out all of the info but the place order section of the page stays grayed out and the little wheel keeps spinning.

    All the short codes are in place on each page. Not sure what is going on. is the site




    Hi sixfivecreative,

    Can you try the following and let me know how it works out?

    Go to Settings>General and change the Site Address to: then hit save.

    Note: this will log you out :)




    Hi Devin, I have the exact same problem, any further ideas how to resolve it?




    Hi soph,

    Can you try switching the theme to Twenty Eleven or any of the other default wordpress themes and see if the issue is fixed. It will help to define if the issue is with the theme or with how woocommerce/the site is configured.




    Hi There.

    I have exactly the same issue, have changed the theme to Twenty11 and the whirring image and opaqued Payment options still show – so we can deduce it is a Woo Commerce problem I guess. You can see what I mean by visiting: – please help as I need to have this store open by midnight tonight!


    Hi waggybowman,

    Try to contact the support from woocommerce, they might have a solution for that issue.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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