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    Hi, currently I face a strange behaviour which I can’t explain (and can’t change therefore).

    On (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / you find a single product page with a main product and some “extras” in the second block of tabs. If the main product is added to the cart – fine. If then you add some extras like hotel room, the main product is added again to the cart. And if you add another extra product, cart even shows different sums in the cart in the sidebar and the one on top of the page.

    Funny enough – if I start selecting by an “extra” in first place and then the main item, everthing’s fine (till I add another extra).

    And – if you add an extra from a different main product page, everything’s fine too.

    Problem only seems to occur once you add products from the same page.

    There must be something in the script on the “add to cart” button in the extra products I have in the tabs which causes this. Could you please give me a hint where to dive into which .php file? Thanks in advance.

    Best, Katharina



    Please upgrade to Propulsion 1.7 on Themeforest, you are using an outdated version. Also please make sure that you are using the latest version of the WooCommerce plugin.

    Do these domains look familiar, ?

    I am not sure. What customization have you done besides front end stuff? I never seen where a cart when adding two 2000$ objects is off by 10$ while another cart is not off. do you have some automatic tax added? a handling charge? do you have some items set up as a bundle where must buy two. do you have automatic discounts applied?

    If you want my honest opinion, take off all the plugins, and look again. if nothing, i would delete everything, and start fresh from scratch. Its either a bad install with some weird tax being added or something of similar obscurity. Its more profitable to quickly redo everything , then spent 2 weeks looking for the ghost in the machine.




    Hi – and thanks for answering.

    In the end it all occured due to a non-correct use of mime in the bundled products.

    It’s all adjusted now – and installed from scratch on a new subdomain with a fresh WP installation, empty database, current theme version. Now everything works fine – as always with your themes.

    best regards katharina

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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