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    Hello all,

    How can I re-arange the the product page in Woocommerce? Now I have a picture of a product with a lot of emty space on the right. Below there is the tab box with the product description. How can I put that box next to the product image?




    can you post a link please? By default the single product page looks like:



    and another thing, when a user creates a new account for the shop the user gets the wordpress beam on top of the screen. How can I turn this off by default because this is not what you want. I can do it mannualy as admin but I am not there if someone creates a new account.



    I’m having a similar problem as I’m trying to transfer my shop to this theme, I like the default look of the shop as displayed in the preview however mine turns out like this I’ve added the image using the defualt wordpress add media icon and selected use as featured image. Is there a stage or setting im missing and any video tutorials available??



    Hi Jorisvh,

    I’m not quite sure what you are looking to change. In your custom.css you’ve changed the width of the portfolio box to be 800px wide which is what causes the extra white space on the side of the three product photos. Adjusting that width will get rid of the whitespace to the right of the images.


    @matt69hale: how do you get the size option in your shop? I wan;t something similur but then for colors.



    you need to create new product attributes at the product-> attributes section of your backend and then apply those attributes to a product when creating/editing the product.

    You can read more about the process of setting up a product in the official documentation here:



    I have tried that but I don’t get a drop down menu as matt69 hale. It puts the attribute under the additional information tab.

    The link is also not working.



    And how can I change the image size on the product page? I want pictures that are more vertical.



    The attribute is working now. Thanks. I am still wondering the second question. How can I change the image size on the product page?



    Hi Jorisvh,

    You can modify the product thumbnails in config.php located in the woocommerce-config folder. Then you’ll need to regenerate the thumbnails with

    I’m glad you got the attributes working correctly! I know there can be a bit of a learning curve with woocommerce.


    Hi Devin,

    I changed the size and regenerate the thumbnails but there is no effect. The images on the product page (edit product) are added through the flashlight image gallery. Is that differen?



    Still doesn’t work. Is that a bug or do I have to update something?



    Is there anybody who has the same problem? Or is it me? Still have the problem.

    Please help!!!


    Hey! Unfortunately the way flashlight operates I dont think what you want to accomplish is possible with a lot of modifications. As you mentioned before flashlight uses its gallery feature instead of the default woocommerce way, therefore changing the size of the thumbnails in the woocommerce backend doesnt modify the actual size in the fronend.

    Changing that would require some heavy customization I am afraid…


    Ok Thanks a lot.


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