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    I just installed the new woocommerce 2.0.1, but now the page numbering and tab manager gives problems.

    Can you help? Thanks,

    Kind regards,



    Hi Anita,

    The theme has not been updated to work with 2.0 yet and we are not recommending anyone upgrade yet as the update is non-reversible.

    For now you can use:

    .woocommerce-pagination {
    display: none;

    But there may be other issues we have not yet found with the basic shop functionality.




    Hi Devin,

    aiiii, also my checkout payment is not working anymore. What do you mean by update is non-reversible? I have made a backup. I can put this back?

    Thanks, anita


    If you made a backup of everything then yes, you can restore from the backup. The update actually changes your product database entries so simply switching back to the previous version of WooCommerce wouldn’t fix it, you have to also switch back to a previous version of the database too.

    This topic goes over the details a bit more: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -2-0/




    Hi Devin,

    unfortunately i have no previous version of the database… The payment page is not showing up anymore, only the checkout page where you can fill in your address and then is it. Further it seems to work fine. Can you help me with this?

    Thanks, regards, Anita


    From the front end I don’t see anything that I could offer a fix for right now. I’ll tag the topic for the rest of the support crew, but I’ve not dug into the changes with WooCommerce 2.0 and what might be conflicting with this version of the theme.





    I have just uploaded a new version of the theme to themeforest. Once it is approved (probably within the next 24 hours) please update your theme and let us know if any of the problems you are encountering still persist ;)


    hai Kriesi,

    I uploaded the new version 1.8, but the problem still remains the same. Payment and tab manager (tabs on productpage) are not working. How long will this take to resolve? My hostprovider can place a backup, I think I will go for that because i cannot sell anything right now…

    Thanks for your time!

    Regards, Anita



    When looking at your stylesheets it does not seem like you are running the latest theme version. Stylesheet tells me you are still on 1.6 and a lot of those issues confirm that :)




    Hi Kriesi,

    I uploaded the style.css, the framework folder and the woocommerce-config folder. No changes..

    Regards, Anita


    Hi Kriesi, do think there will be a solution today? Otherwise I have to place the backup, unfortunately for 45 euro. So I will do this only when you have not the answer at a short notice.

    Kind regards, Anita


    Hi Anita,

    The full changelog for 1.7 and 1.8 is:

    013 04 03 - Version 1.8
    file style.css: updated version number
    folder framework: update to the latest version of the framework.
    folder: config-woocommerce: update all files for version 2.0 comapt
    file: config-woocommerce/config.php - improved seo for title, updated all classnames to the new .woocommerce- prefix
    file: config-woocommerce/woocommerce-mod.css - fixed a css issue on mobile devices
    file: config-woocommerce/woocommerce-mod.js - added small script that removes input number fields and replaces them with input text, since the styling is horrible and unfixable on opera atm

    2013 21 01 - Version 1.7
    file style.css: updated version number
    file js/avia.js small modification to the active javascript check

    added folder: config-wpml: improved WPML compatibility.
    If you have perviously installed the wpml plugin and everything is already working fine, you can circumvent the changes this new config folder adds
    by removing the include(config-wpmp/config.php) call at the very top of the themes functions.php file

    folder framework: several bugfixes and improvments
    -since feedburners feedcount is no longer available the feature was removed from the widget
    -updated the google maps widget to better work with https requests

    So make sure to replace the style.css, framework folder, the entire config-woocommerce folder (for the 2.0 update), the js/avia.js file, and the new config-wpml folder if you want to use it.





    OK, I also replaced the js/avia.js. The WPML files i don’t need them. I don’t see any changes… sorry. Regards Anita




    Hi Devin, is there any chance that the payment problem will be solved today? My customers cannot make any orders now… Also the tabs on productpages are important for the extra info. Like to hear from you, thanks!

    Regards, Anita


    Did you also replace the entire config-woocommerce folder? Try going into it and replacing each file one by one.

    If nothing else works, you may need to just replace your whole theme folder and re-add in all your customization one by one.


    Hi Devin,

    ouch, you do not mean this?! This is many weeks of work, how can I replace all one by one… I already replaced the asked folders two times. Is an other theme like Replete working better? Then i would rather put all my time in a new theme with some new possibilities. Please help, already one day no income…

    thanks for your time,



    Unfortunately that is really the only thing I can suggest. You may also try disabling any other plugins besides WooCommerce just in case one of those no longer plays nice with WooCommerce (since they updated some javascript).

    If you have the option of an emergency backup with a fee, then that would be your best route if you are unable to replace all of the theme files at once.

    Its the big downside of heavily editing the actual theme files and not keeping a log of the changes while at the same time updating a plugin you rely on for income without making a backup/checking compatibility.




    I understand, i do have a log with the major changes, but it is a lot… also the backup is not really the problem, but in the near future I still would like to make the upgrade for security reasons and then I would have the same problems. Now i can test every sugestion but if there aren’t anymore, then I have to go back to previous releases.

    The tab-problems is in the tabmanager. So I disabled that one…

    If you refresh the payment page, the payment facilities are coming forward and then fade away. So it looks not that difficult to tackle, but I know, scripts have their own mysterious ways. So it is a pity that I have to change everything back just for this one problem.

    Bye, regards, anita


    If you have the log then that is your best route. On my own client sites I’ve had to do the same things as I don’t typically use child themes either.

    Just keep in mind for plugin updates you don’t *have* to update the plugin. If your site is working fine and the update isn’t a security fix you can delay an update until you’ve tested it on a separate backup and are sure going live won’t cause issues.

    The link I posted above from WooThemes is very well written on what should go into updating to a major release of a plugin so make sure to take a look.



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