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    I logged into my WP dashboard and was told that Woocommerce version 1.60 is available. I updated the plugin. Now, my products don’t display on my homepage using the “Product” element in the template builder. Is there a quick fix for this? I guess I shouldn’t have upgraded right away…




    Same issues here. Updated today and now the product slider has gone missing and all right-hand widgets on the product category pages have moved to below everything and to the left !

    I hope there’s a very quick fix for this as I’m expected to launch the site this week !!




    Please check if you’re using the latest version of Abundance. The latest version is 1.4. If not please download the latest theme version from and install it.

    Best regards,



    I’m using version 1.4 and am still experiencing the issue.


    I have just download and upgraded the theme and am also experiencing this issue. Also on the shop page the sidebar is now displaying below the shop content. My site is already live so its a bit of a problem.


    Looks like woocommerce just released another update (1.61). I installed this and the missing products on the homepage re-appeared. The sidebar appearing below the content on the store pages is still happening though.


    I second that :)



    What do you mean by sidebar appearing below the content? You think it’s just a style problem or the sidebar should not be there at all?




    Looks like a style issue. See this page:

    Almost like there’s not enough room for the sidebar since the upgrade.


    Also getting the side bar appearing in the central content area below products (when on a category page) since updating.


    my site is also messed up, sidebar is appearing below the product content.



    There’s a clear div that is messing up with the layout. Please try this on your custom.css .

    .container .clear {
    clear: none;




    That worked, thanks, all is working as it should be now, thank you for your quick response and the work you have put into the theme. It is a good one.


    I can confirm this is an issue with the latest version of WooCommerce 1.6.1 and even with the latest version of Abundance theme.

    .container .clear {

    clear: none;


    Fixes the Sidebar below content issue.

    But I also have the slider / product slideshow bug. It doesn’t show the product correctly. sometimes there’s two products shows in a row, but when you go to the next slide, it shows three products, and another slide shows two product in one row, and another product just below in another row.



    Yes, that is an issue with the other users. Let me tag this one to Kriesi.




    I can also confirm that

    .container .clear {

    clear: none;


    fixes the issue with the sidebar on shop page; now sidebar is on the right as it should be.

    the slider product issue was fixed for me after updating to WooCommerce 1.6.1. I must also say that I did recreate some of the product sliders.

    but the third issue being that the price tag is completely gone in each individual product page is still there. After the user chooses the offered attributes the price of the product that used to appear above quantity box is now missing.

    Please do also look into this issue and share with us.

    I am updated to Abundance 1.4

    Thank you a lot in advance!



    Open up woocommerce-config > config.php and find this code

    remove_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_template_single_price', 10, 2);

    Remove it. See if the price tag works.





    Is it advisable to wait to update woocommerce?

    There seems to be a few problems.



    I am afraid that by removing this piece of code the price tag would still stay invisible. Did try it; didn’t work. It seems to me that the whole price div is missing or something, though I am not completely sure.

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion though, please do suggest another edit if you like for me to try.


    Its not a perfect solution, because articles with variants have now the “price from”, too.


    Thanks for the quick response regarding the product slider, latest update to woocomm sorted that, I’ve also added the div code to my custom.css in the hope that will resolve itself once I update my Abundance, which is now my issue (as was posted a few months ago without a resolution: “If version.rtf shows a folder modification, should the entire folder be replaced with the folder from the new zip?” … I too am looking for the best solution to update this theme without losing all the modifications (language translation…custom CSS etc…)?


    Regards my earlier post, I’ve now updated to the latest versions of everything (and sorted out my customised css), the product slider is now working but my right hand widget area is still falling below the products and to the left as my original problem !



    @jpdesigneco: Can you post a link?




    Hi Ismael

    The site is ‘live’ at

    The issue is occurring on all of the product category pages only, such as

    Pages such as ‘BHR News’, ‘Testimonials’, ‘Clients’ seem unaffected.

    I’ve tried deleting all widgets and rebuilding, changing image sizes in the graphic area, but can’t get it to load correctly.


    This client also has a sister site that I daren’t even upgrade anything on until I sort this.

    The rest of all this theme is working brilliantly and already taking orders, thanks.

    Best regards



    Hi Jeff,

    Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #top.archive .clear {
    clear: none;




    Hi Devin

    Brilliant stuff, all working beautifully now.

    Thanks to all involved for finding a solution so quickly.

    Best regards



    Hi jeff,

    Glad that Devin helped you. :)




    Hello again forum team,

    Since I am trying for some days now to find a solution with my third -still unresolved- issue caused by updating to WooCommerce 1.6

    I thought I d share that I am also in touch with a Woo representative on this. Until now no sufficient solution has been found on why the price tags that pop up (above the quantity box) after user selects the different attributes, is not displayed properly as it did before the update.

    please do see this screenshot

    If anyone has any idea please share, I ll do the same here.

    Thank you all for the help so far.





    Having same issues on my side (got all the last versions for abundance, woocom, wordpress

    – shop pages sidebar one was fixed with the quick css

    – product slider is still displaying a weird way even after rebuilding

    any tips to fix it quickly please?

    many thanks


    Hi Bill,

    Can you provide a link to that page? I’d like to inspect the code a bit to see what is being generated and what is not.

    @boudoirs – can you explain what is happening weird with your product slider and provide a link so we can take a look as well?



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