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    I done new installation of wordpress and woocomerce with abudance theme. Only runing plugins is w3 total cache with cloudflare cdn.

    Only some of woocomerce buttons working. I need to get other to work too.

    Other thing is i cant change background, of theme. I setup everything but doesnt work. I will give wordpress admin privilage, if you wwant to take a look.

    Thanks in advice.

    Best Regards Jonas Samulionis



    Please try to deactivate W3TC. Especially the “page cache” feature and the “minify” feature can cause some issues with woocommerce.

    Best regards,




    Hmm.. Which of minify functions is cousing that?

    Other dumb quedtion is when i add something too my custom.css,nothing happens .. Changes happens only if i add it in quick css..

    Best Regards



    Hi Autoplius,

    Kindly follow Peter’s instruction and disable W3TC. As for your other question, custom.css is an external stylesheet and is quickly being cached by the browser, unlike Quick CSS, which is stored in a database, fetched and then embedded to the your site when the page is requested. Also if you have made some changes in your custom.css, you need to disable W3TC, as it cache the pages of your site, thus you won’t see any changes in your site. If you still can’t see any changes try to clear your browser cache.




    Thanks guys, i found out that was my dumb fail :D

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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