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    Ok i need a little help if pos.

    Sites all done and looks great thanks to the great theme. I have commented on another topic but I thought ill start a new fee as I have a couple questions!


    I need to update the theme, can you provide any advice? where to get the new file from… how to install over current theme without deleting content on my site..


    I am currently building the shop section (see link) but the check out part is not working. I am in the process of talking to the host and see if they can fix the issue but if you can provide any tips that be great!

    Error message:

    Server Environment

    PHP Version 5.3.3

    Server Software Apache

    WP Max Upload Size 8MB

    Server upload_max_filesize 128MB

    Server post_max_size 8MB

    WP Memory Limit 32MB – We recommend setting memory to at least 64MB. See: Increasing memory allocated to PHP (HERE !!!!)

    WP Debug Mode No

    WC Logging Log directory is writable.

    PHP Sessions:

    Session save path /var/lib/php/session does not exist – contact your host to resolve the problem. (HERE !!!!)

    Session name PHPSESSID

    3. Finally!!….

    On the product page (see same link above) the product description flys off the page! so the text gets cut off. Iv checked on the demo site of flashlight and it looks great on there! it seems to do it on both top description and the lower box description!

    I am trying to resolve this but any help would be grateful!!



    Hi rayzor00,

    #1. Backup your theme first, including the files which you have customized like custom.css. Try to switch your theme to twentyeleven or twentyten. Delete the flashlight theme on your site via ftp. Get the latest copy of your theme here: Download the theme, unzip the file you have downloaded from themeforest, inside it unzip again a zip file which has a title of flashlight, inside this you will see two folders __MACOSX and flashlight. Upload the flashlight folder (to where you have deleted the theme, this can be found in wp-content/themes). Switch your theme back to flashlight. :)

    #2. Your webhost can resolve this on their end. :)

    #3 We will check this and try to give you a solution after you have updated your site with the latest version of the theme. :)




    Dear Ismael,

    Regarding #3: I have the exact same problem, as you can see on

    I’d love to get a solution to this.

    I’m using your theme to build a website (very much in progress) to sell my books, and they need long descriptions.

    I’ve also noticed that on a number of occassions featured images simply disappeared from The last time was when I deleted an image which was displayed amidst the text of one product. Subsequently, both featured images disappeared.

    I can re-add them, of course, but I’ve noticed this a couple of times now (haven’t yet noticed a pattern). I’m wondering what’s going wrong.

    Kind regards, Arjan


    I’ve changed the column width from 430 pixels to 600 pixels. This diminishes the problem but does not make it disappear, as you can see at Also check the reviews box – the star on the right gets ‘cut off’. And shouldn’t the grey box be ‘complete’?

    Can this be a border issue? I use custom settings (200 x 283) for catalog images in woocommerce but since the problem also manifests itself on pages without catalog images I fail to see how this could be an issue. Also, I found a third person on this forum with the exact same problem.

    Also, the other problem remains too: every time I edit a product page, the featured image disappears and I have to re-add it.

    Regards, Arjan


    I did some further searching. It seems the product page refers to two different resolutions. I did some inspecting with Firebug. When, for example, I change the column width to 600 pixels (see posting above) part of the column is rendered in 600 pixels but there’s an inner element which is rendered 40 pixels larger. I’ve uploaded these screenshots including CSS references to my server:

    1) for the 640 pixels wide element

    2) for the 600 pixels wide element

    Having never edited CSS files until today, I am somewhat reluctant to go messing about with this myself (I did enlarge the column width but that was easy, following instructions on this very forum.)

    Does anyone have good advice on how to proceed next? I’d be much obliged.

    Kind regards,

    Arjan Dasselaar


    Thanks to @marzas we’ve worked around this issue for now, I’ve added the following to custom.css:

    .entry-content { width: 93% !important; }

    I’d very much appreciate an official comment from one of the staff of if this ‘hack’ will get me into trouble elsewhere in the theme.

    Regards, Arjan


    Hi Arjan,

    I believe that code block would affect every part of your site that has the class .entry-content. However, if you have check all pages of your site and it looks good then that would be a thumbs up. :)




    A late reply but thanks for both of your help. I have fixed all of the above with your tips! so really appreciate it ! the Shop all works!

    I have one more thing I need a little help with! It not really a bug but ….

    with woo commerce you can add variation to each product which is perfect and what I need !

    I also found a way of speeding up the process on adding more than one product with the same option by duplication of a template product and just changing the name and photo etc…

    BUT my client site is for wedding photographer and will need to upload full galleries of photos i.e products. Even with the duplication feature it takes ages to upload a massive gallery of photos at a time!

    So I need help making this process easier! If possible?

    Do you know is there a way to turn a gallery into products?


    To allow to upload a galleris worth of photos into one product and allow the user to select photo from that group?


    A way of bulk uploading products with same variation and pricing structure, but with different photos/product images?


    ps here is a link for the work in progress site of the shop!! (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    Thanks in advance!


    @ Arjan – I’ve sent in this fix before but it hasn’t been included in the theme yet as I think we’re between versions at the moment. My suggested fix is to only target woo commerce pages with:

    #top.single-product .entry-content {width: auto;}

    @ rayzor00 – I don’t know of any way to speed that up. Also I’m not sure if the duplicate product function works properly with Flashlight. Check a product after doing so as I believe the duplicate makes it so that the items all share the same gallery (its a bug Kriesi has said he will be unable to fix unfortunately).




    Thanks Devin for the reply I appreciate your time. Shame as there isn’t a way of doing this.

    The other option I have is to make one product for the whole gallery, Add all (lets say for example) 200 images to one product all with a unique number or image name. Then have a box that the customer can type in the image number they want to select?

    So if I did do this, do you know if I can add a variation which the user can add any type of text in? which then is shown up in the clients purchase section along with the other variation options? or a text box for comments for each product?

    For the example photo are named photo01 photo02 etc… so the customer will type in photo02.

    Thanks again



    I have just found out why you cant duplicate product function, as your right it shares the same gallery (Doh!)

    Is there away of also keep all the save all pricing and variation options, so I do not have to add in all the details for every time I upload a product again? as the product will always have the same price structure?


    Idea !…

    Can I add the Variation code into the Template Woo-Template.php? so as standard for all new products created will the Variation and pricing is there? only thing I wouldn’t know where to get the code of the Variation I have created or where to put it with the php file!!

    I see this is a common issue with the gallery with other Flash light clients. I guess if you can add or change product templates this would help?


    Hey rayzor00,

    Unfortunately that isn’t an option as far as I know. The issue is that any fix to the theme for this issue would cause everyone to have to re-make all of there content. So Kriesi has said he will most likely not be able to release a fix.



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