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    Is there any issues with installing RC1 version of woocommerce 2.0 and replete theme 1.2 – is this something you guys are bug checking so would you advise waiting?


    Hey! We will do a little bit of testing during the next week and probably release a smaller update on monday. If you are already live with your site we would recommend to wait. If not: we will definitely need help to test all the possible scenarios so if you are still building your site we would be glad if you update and report any issues you are having :)



    Ok have installed RC1 – so far only issues I can see:

    single product page(s) – The tabbed options seems to have been broken and also it appears to be listing all product category pages – interestingly it is attempting to jump to the named anchor #tab-description on opening a product page –



    great, thanks for the notice! Will check it when I do the updates ;)




    Possibly found another theme issue with WC2 – When you set a feature image for a product it seems to now be using a 150×150 image and up scaling it, where as previously it used a large image and downscaled it. That means the image isn’t that clear – the link shows the preview image for a product prior to wc2 and for a product added after

    The feature image size attributed to the post was 942×865


    Hey stevedegal,

    Does regenerating the thumbnails help at all for that one? The other product on that page is using a complete unmodified image so the two are acting a bit weird together.

    You can use:




    Yes that worked once I changed the thumbnail sizing to 300×300 within wp/woocommerce settings. Thanks.


    Good to know and thank you for doing some live testing :)


    ok, was able to find the issue for both problems and fix them. The updae should be avialable in a few hours. I will close this for now, if any new issues arise let us know ;)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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