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    Not Even my Product Slider is working is anyone else having this issue?


    I think there is a fix. I just read here on Theme Forest. I’m downloading now. Hopefully this will fix all the issues.


    Any luck with the new files from Theme Forest?


    My site is all fixed. I downloaded the new version of abundance from Theme Forest.

    Here are the instructions to fix.

    2012 02 04 – Version 1.2

    woocomemrce bugfix release:

    the theme now works fine with woocommerce 1.4 and higher. if you update the theme please make sure that you also update your woocommerce plugin, otherwise the theme might break!

    modified files and folders:

    file: functions.php

    file: style.css – version number

    file: includes/helper-tempaltes.php – dynamic shop element update

    folder: woocommerce -config- update for woocommerce version 1.4

    Good Luck All!


    Hmm, ok, I can access my account, shopping cart etc, however the homepage product slider built using the template builder still does not function. Getting the same “No products found which match your selection.” error.

    UPDATE: Ignore above, files uploaded to incorrect location. Theme is now working fine :)


    Stompit, I’m still getting the “No products found which match your selection.” error on the Product slider. Did you have to turn the theme off, uninstall it, then reinstall it?



    Just noticed that the pricing on the product pages is not showing now. Anyone else?


    @cdubose574: Can you post a link please?


    I have the same issue as cdubose574… i have uninstalled and reinstalled…. the slider on the front page now works, but prices on the product pages still don’t appear… and the shortcode [add_to_cart] still doesn’t work? any ideas? thanks


    updated files, but i still get “No products found which match your selection.”

    EDIT, deactivated, deleted files and installed updated theme. WORKS :) thanks guys!


    I have sorted the shortcode…. just the product prices which seem to be an issue. regards


    Hello. There’s no price on the product page.

    Please tell what to do to fix.


    I am also having the issue of the prices not showing up on the product page (fixed the product slideshow issue though!)


    Just updated the Abundance theme via FTP. Now everything is working again.



    I have purchased, downloaded and installed the latest version of the theme tonight (Febr 06), which should be the latest version. Right now I still have no price display for a product on a single product page.

    I would appreciate it if this can be solved?

    Thanks in advance!




    I can’t reproduce the problem on my test servers but I asked Kriesi to look into it. Please try to save the products again (go to the product editor pages and hit the blue “Update/Save” button. According to the woocommerce readme this fixes several problems.


    I thought that everything had returned to normal when I updated the theme. All is fine except the product price on the individual product pages is missing.


    Hey Guys!

    We have released another small update that should fix this problem as well. I am very sorry for the inconvenience, woocommerce 1.4 changed so many small details that its quite hard to keep track of all of them :)

    Hope everything works fine now ;)


    So Do i need to install my Woocommerce 1.4.1 again?


    No – but please download Abundance again (still version 1.2.1). I already worked with the latest version – that’s why I didn’t notice the error :)


    We have to download it again from themeforest, cecaus e I don’t see wehre the version is detailed?. Afterwards we have to install it replacing all file by FTP. I ask these because we can not do this automatically because a folder abundance is already created. Am I right? Is there any risk of doing it manually?. Thank you.


    No – imho it’s even better to do it manually (because you’ve more control over the files, you can create backups, etc.)


    Can someone please give me a step by step for reinstalling abundance?

    Do I unpack it?

    What do I upload?

    Will everything with the same name be overwritten or will there be some sort of duplicate hell I can’t get out of?

    If I have to do this via FTP how will the abundance zip extract to the right place?

    Will I lose everything I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks (yes I am a complete newbie to WP, woocommerce, and hosting issues in general – this is my first time).

    When I download Abundance from themeforest as I did after reading about the new update and the woocommerce update, it shows a modification date of December last year. Where do I find the right version? Is this the right version?

    I know it doesn’t look like it but I’m trying not to panic. Your help would be massively appreciated.


    Working. Thank you.

    michmark. Download theme from themeforest again. Replace only files shown in version.rtf using any ftp client.



    1) Unpack the themforest package. You’ll get a folder which contains another zip file ( Unzip this file too.

    2) Use a ftp client like filezilla to access your server directories. Navigate to wp-content/themes and download your current theme folder (as backup). If you haven’t modified any theme files just delete this folder.

    3) Now upload the new (unpacked) theme files (see step 1) to your themes folder. If you’ve modified files like css/custom.css upload them too.


    Thank you community and thank you Dude. I was able to fix the issue in minutes.

    One question though: will future Woo Commerce updates potentially break the design and templates?

    Kriesi, are you in contact with the woo dev team to address these issuest?

    Again, this theme kicks digital ass >


    Hey! We will keep updating the themes to stay compatible with woocommerce. It might sometimes last a few days before you can upgrade both woocommerce and the themes but thats basically the worst case scenario :)


    My Abundance theme is not showing shopping cart. The is in developing.

    Please, visit:, click buy (comprar) and try see the shopping cart content… do not appear… Even if try to use the menu buttons.

    We didn’t made any changes in template so far and I already try to replace the theme with a new donwloaded version but no succes to make it work.



    did you set a cart page (WooCommerce > Settings > Pages)?

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