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    Hi there!

    Myself and a colleague are building a web site for our print shop.

    We installed the newest version of Woo Commerce and in the newest version of Woo Commerce, they made some changes to the style sheet.

    The theme used to look gorgeous, and now it’s all out of whack. for an example of what it looks like now.

    Is there an update coming for the theme to fix this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Alex McTaggart


    This is not a github trunk version. 1.4 was released today.


    I’m sorry. I didn’t notice that 1.4 was released today. I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it asap.


    Not a problem. I definitely used the search before I posted the topic so that I wasn’t redundant.

    Thanks for your help!


    This is a rather big problem – any update on this?


    Same Problem Here. Abundance is telling me “You need to install and activate the WooCommerce Shop Plugin to display Products” on the home page. Also, single product images are original size. Gonna try to install the previous version to fix this cosmetically until Abundance gets updated.


    Yep, there is a huge problem after plugin update. I got everything written above. Fixes are needed ASAP please.


    I had the same problem stated by VladNovo and others. If we will have an update will be really appreciated.



    Yup. Same here on my test install.


    Yep, I too have the same issue.


    Missed this post before I made a thread earlier. Definitely having some problems after updating woo… Next time will avoid updating

    I’m having problems with product slideshow not displaying properly


    Keep me posted as well. My product slideshow no longer works as well. Says “No products found which match your selection.” Please can we get a fix soon?!


    Just want to add myself to this. Everything seems to work fine for me except the “shop slider rows” on custom templates which are missing with a yellow box “No products found which match your selection.”

    Why can’t clients resist the update button!! Anyone got any tips on going back to a previous version of woocommerce. Is it possible after this update?



    Reverting back to the old version of wooCommerce messed up the images in the database and many disappeared.

    Had to wipe the store and try re-importing using Visser Labs Tools and Product Importer Delxe plugins. His plugins are having a problem importing images however, and I have no store now. I’m in touch with Michael Visser via email about the issue.

    But I’m going to be using the latest versions of WooCommerce and his import plugin rather than reverting to earlier versions of both.

    Any information on how the theme update is going?


    Updating to 1.4.1 made some fixes to the theme (Shopping cart appeared, My Accont, Images in the right size, etc). But there are still some issues with the slider and the price of the product is not showing. I promise not to update my plugins without thinking it twice and reading some posts!!! Sorry….


    HI I have updated woocommerce and all the custom templates that I built are not showing the products any more!!!!!!!!!!


    I started another thread not seeing this one. I am also experiencing problems with the upgrade. All product pages are malfunctioning – they are all showing the information of one particular product. The product slider is also not working any more.

    Plus, I was uploading product images on individual pages and I had to constantly login after uploading.

    Will be watching this thread for updates….


    I too have a major problem after doing the WooCommerce update, and idea when a fix will be coming please???




    Hello guys IDK if you are all having this problem but my Product Slider is not showing I Do it in the Abundante Template Builder and nothing appears, But I get this ” NO PRODUCTS FOUND WHICH MATCH YOUR SELECTION” can someone help me please?

    Kind Regards,

    BTW this theme is fantastic!


    Kriesi? It’s getting hot in here…


    Is this likely to be fixed soon? no product prices and shortcode [add_to_cart] not working…


    I just updated as well and my products don’t show up on the front page.


    Having the same problems as above after updating to 1.41.

    Need a fix asap, please…


    me too!


    Kriesi. Thank you for your update for 1.4.

    There is one little thing — no price on product page.

    Can you fix it too?


    Same probs. Any word as to when the update download will be available via Themeforest?

    Thanks :)


    A fix would be nice or a clue as to where to try and fix the problem ourselves.. I jumped the gun and ran the update like everyone above but have to go live with my project in a couple of days.. any chance of a update soon? Thanks for your work and great theme!

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