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    I need to display a widget in a specific portfolio category,

    Normaly I use widget_logic plugin and I use the conditional parameter is_category(‘name’)

    i tried with is_tax(‘name) but does not work.

    could you help me

    tanks in advance


    You might try looking under Avisio Options > Sidebar & Footer in the Admin Panel. Find the area called Extra Widget Areas for specific Categories and select the category you want to add a custom widget area. Then hit save and go to Appearance > Widgets and it should be located there.


    So, I tried to setup this option in the Extra widget Areas but no widget is displayed, do you think that is a bug or I do someting wrong ?

    If yuo need to hav login access to better understandig how to solve the problem, give me your e mail address.




    I think the problem is by default the theme puts some generic widgets in the box if none are specified. The way tofixthis decide which ones you want, find them in the widgets gallery on the right and move them to the footer area. This will give you the options I mentioned. Does that help?

    Here is my email if that doesn’t make sense (Email address hidden if logged out)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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