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    Can I know how can I buy another license from themeforest, I’ve already purchased one BrightBox license from themeforest from my profile and How do I purchase Another one? Do I have to create another account with Themeforest and then buy another license for BrightBox?

    Because usually I guess a license key is given per download and per Envato Profile purchased product so being BrightBox the second purchase how would you give me another license key for available download, Can single license key represent for both the installations when purchased another license? In simple Please let me know the procedure and approach to buy another license key in order to use the same theme in another website of mine in addition to the one I’m using with one of my current websites :)

    And Do you provide us with any promotion or Discount on the second license of the same theme?

    Thank you Kriesi and Team :)



    just click on the single license purchase button. As far as I know the second purchase appears in the download list as new item (actually you’ll see two Brightbox items with two license certificates). Envato doesn’t offer any discounts if you purchase more than one items.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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