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    I’m currently using Flashlight for my photography site ( but the site is well overdue an update now so I’m considering other options at the moment.

    I’m using Enfold for my other site ( and that’s working out great, but it’s also making me miss some features for my photography site, such as a responsive layout and a decent visual editor.

    Are there any plans for any substantial updates to Flashlight in the future or should I maybe consider another theme? I’m not sure Enfold would be the right solution as I really want to keep the full screen photography feel..


    Hi Richard Olpin!

    Not in the immediate future but I know one of the reasons Kriesi is looking for a front-end designer/developer is to add additional features to his full theme library. One of the ones he mentioned to us when we talked about it was making Flashlight responsive since it has been requested very often.

    No ETA or anything since we don’t have anyone new on the team but it is something that has been discussed.

    Best regards,


    Ah thanks. it’s nice to know it’s at least it’s under consideration.

    I think in the meantime I may do an experiment on a local site to see if I can put something I like together with Enfold and if that works out ok I’ll probably just get another licence for that for now..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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