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    I have already purchased two themes, believing they had the components I needed for my client, neither will work. I have look at the tutorials for Abundance, but can not figure out if it has the features I need.

    Before I buy abundance, I need to know the following:

    1. How recent is this theme?

    2. Does it have the “image” add in the columns in the dynamic template

    3. Does it have wpcu3er, like Brightbox, if not will it work with that plugin?

    4. Can I create a sidebar for an individual page and will it work with a page created in dynamic templates

    5. For sure … does it have megamenu??? Can’t get it to work in Propulsion, if it it there.

    6. I understand this theme does not have portfolio. How do we get around this … columns???

    If the answer is yes to the above … I will bite the bullet and buy yet another theme – Abundance. I just do not want to purchase it and find it is missing the things I need as just happen with Brightbox and Propulsion. You have great themes, but your tutorials are sadly lacking in showing enough detail to actually understand what we are getting. The tutorials for Propulsion are are for another theme entirely. And the ones for Abundance, don’t show anything about the dynamic template building.

    I am in a panic to get this site up for my client and have already spent 8 hours on this and I am way behind schedule…

    Your speedy reply would be most appreciated.

    Thanks so much.


    1) It’s older than Propulsion (eg it doesn’t share the responsive framework) but it’s newer than Brightbox.

    2) It offers 4 options: Preview image, post content, Preview image + post content, preview image + post title. It also offers the “overwrite default link option”.

    3) No but you can use Piecemaker instead (free 3dslider): . The plugin should work but I haven’t tested it (and can’t guarantee that it works).

    4) Yes but I can’t promise that every configuration works (because of the complex template structure). However this plugin: can filter the sidebar even if you use a dynamic template.

    5) Yes. Propulsion does not support MegaMenus because of the responsive design.

    6) The portfolio post type does not exist if you use Abundance. I’m not sure how to get around this if you need an additional post type next to products and stadard posts. Maybe it would be better to use Propulsion in this case (you could add the mega menu by using Ubermenu).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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