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    I wonder how to adjust the width of the content area? Would I have to do that in the custom.css file? Could you in that case show an example of such a code that I could modify to my preferences?


    Yes you can do that in the custom.css. It is recommended to adjust everything whithin the custom.css

    Try this code:

    .content .box {

    width: XXpx;



    Thanks a million. It works:-)


    Your welcome


    jorisvh – thanks for helping us out. Status set to resolved.


    I notice that the right sidebar doesn’t follow this new width, and will get underneath the content… Is there a way to push the right sidebar so that it ends up edge to edge with the content?


    You can push the right sidebar over by adding the following to your custom.css or Quick CSS and adjusting the number to suit the new content width:

    #top .sidebar2 {
    left: 832px;

    (This example is for content width of 500)


    Very cool. Works perfectly! Thanks:-)


    Hi everyone!

    I changend following:

    .content .box {

    width: 600px;


    #top .sidebar2 {

    left: 932px;


    When I do so, and the option “Blog Overview Image layout” is set to “Display Image Small Beside Entry…” the small image is in the wrong position.

    What can I do to fix this?

    Thank you!


    PS: I love this theme! It is the best for my needs – that’s what I find out after several days of search…


    Bump… :-)


    Hi dennkiel,

    Try adding the following to your Quick CSS:

    .preview_image, #top .template-archive-overview .preview_image{
    left: 582px;


    Hi Devin!

    Thank you for your help. With a little correction it works. Here the code:

    .content .box {
    width: 600px;
    #top .sidebar2 {
    left: 932px;
    .preview_image, #top .template-archive-overview .preview_image{
    left: 591px;

    But – the thumbnails are now “blown up” and not useable. But I’ll check this idea:

    Thanks for helping… :-)




    If you need to modify the thumbnails size open the functions.php file and modify the size that is generated by wordpress in the array at the top of the page.

    BTW Dennis: Only me and Dude do speak german, other staffers wont be able to get much out of a german thread :D

    Thanks for your help!


    Hi, I’ve started adding products via the woocommerce product module, and on a typical product page the right sidebar will be moved back (left) where it was before I implemented the CSS fix that Devin gave in his first answer to this post.

    I notice that the same happens with a regular post as well

    Will I have to use a similar code only addressing the product page and posts in some way?


    I notice now that it really only works with the product page (page specified from the woocommerce settings), and other pages generated by woocommerce like, my account, shopping cart and checkout. With all other pages, posts and portfolio pages the sidebar hides under the content area.

    So I see now that I need a code for those pages to push the sidebar to the right:-)


    Sorry guys, I managed to fix it using the code found in this post:


Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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